Through The Lens of Star Students

Through The Lens of Star Students

We speak to two high achieving students to find out what is the secret to their academic success.

Lim Yen Xi is 5-years old, while Julia Johnson is 12-years old. Yen Xi loves watching cartoons. Julia loves playing soccer. They both have very different personalities. But they have one thing in common: they both go to Kumon.

It is because of Kumon that they are now learning ahead of their actual school grades. With just seven months at Kumon, Yen Xi has greatly improved his reading and writing and is studying English two years advanced of his school syllabus.

After seven years with Kumon, Julia is now doing pre-university grade Maths at the age of 12, working on formulas that is eight years ahead of her friends at school.

Teaching Valuable Life Skills

When asked if Kumon helped his studies, Yen Xi quickly exclaimed, "Yes!"

Through The Lens of Star Students

"I practice until it is perfect," said Yen Xi, proudly explaining that he practices his writing, reading and listens to CDs to improve his English.

Julia says that Kumon has taught her to tackle problems and challenges, a skill that she has applied to her other subjects as well.

On top of that, Julia said that she has also learnt the importance of discipline and focus.

Through The Lens of Star Students

"No matter how I feel that day, I will still complete my worksheets," she said, adding that she proactively allocates time every day to do her Kumon worksheets.

"As I continue to progress and as I complete higher levels, I am motivated to attempt more difficult worksheets," said Julia.

"I know I can achieve anything if I just put my mind to it and work hard," she added.

Both Yen Xi and Julia's parents noticed that their children are more confident and independent.

"I don't need to tell her to complete her worksheets. Even during Christmas holidays, she will be doing her worksheets. It is a part of her schedule," said Julia's mother.

Yen Xi's mother said that Kumon has made learning fun for her son, and that his lessons have been very encouraging.

"It is good that Kumon nurtures and makes reading fun. I do not pressure him, he would do reading every night and also enjoys doing Kumon worksheets every day," she said.

Unlocking a child's potential
Through The Lens of Star Students

Both Yen Xi and Julia's mothers attribute their children's academic success to Kumon. They say that Kumon has created a conducive ecosystem where parents work with teachers to mould the child into a better student.

The consistent routine to complete Kumon worksheets daily has clearly paid off for Yen Xi and Julia. While these have helped enormously to raise their grades and fast track ahead of their peers, both children have also gained more confidence in their capabilities.

Being disciplined is not merely to complete ‘homework’ or just to remain ‘focused’ in a classroom. By employing self-control, students are internalising the benefits of delayed gratification. This is the process of resisting the temptation for an immediate reward in preference of a later, but much higher return of investment.

And with that, most Kumon students have a bigger aim in mind, and that is to obtain the 'Advanced Students' recognition, studying beyond their school grade level.

Both Yen Xi and Julia have established strong, positive identities for themselves. They feel much more disciplined yet motivated to attain greater heights. This cultivates perseverance and determination which contribute to the best foundation to manage challenges and even peer pressure as they grow older.

This is the Kumon way – to unlock each child’s potential for independence, critical thinking, discipline and perseverance that are all essential life skills that are critical in their growing up years.

Not only does Kumon foster a love of learning in children, they also teach children how to self-learn with minimal guidance.

Through The Lens of Star Students

Getting it "just right"

“I like that Kumon doesn’t go according to age, like schools. Kumon goes according to capabilities,” said Julia’s mother.

Taking into account the mindset of self-learning, the Kumon method is specifically designed to enable students to advance smoothly and progressively. Children will learn at a level that is suitable for them, known as the “just right” level.

The “just right” level simply means that the student is placed at a Kumon level that is most suitable for them at present, according to his or her ability and pace. There is no “one size fits all” lesson plan, every plan is customised with the respective student in mind.

Kumon is the largest and most established self-learning enrichment centre in the world with over 4 million students currently enrolled across 51 countries and regions.

Since Kumon’s inception in Malaysia in 1997, there are now over 200 centres nationwide. Four new centres were recently opened in Bintulu, Sarawak, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Taman Putra Utama in Perlis and Bandar Baru Tunjong in Kota Bahru.

Today, Kumon Malaysia is acknowledged and endorsed by parents, families and education practitioners as the best choice to help children master English and Maths easily, putting them at grade levels ahead of their peers.

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Through The Lens of Star Students

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