Toddler left 'home alone' after parents went out for 'killer clown' prank

Toddler left 'home alone' after parents went out for 'killer clown' prank

The toddler that was left at home was only four years old, and was left alone for several hours until the child's parents were arrested by the police.

A couple was arrested for neglect for leaving their toddler alone at home. The reason? They went out to be a part of the 'killer clown' craze.

They were chasing vehicles and scaring people

Police from Wisconsin reported seeing two men dressed as clowns through their dashcam. Police just talked to the pair, but they weren't arrested. Upon further investigation however, police discovered that one of the men, 29, along with his wife, 26, who was acting as their driver, left their toddler alone at home so they can participate in the craze.

Wisconsin police initially received reports of people wearing clown costumes and chasing vehicles around the neighbourhood. Authorities then found the pair along with their driver; driving around town and scaring people.

The toddler that was left at home was only four years old, and was left alone for several hours until the child's parents were arrested by the police.

The couple was arrested for neglect and child was placed under the care of the Department of Human Services. In addition, the woman was held on probation in the Winnebago County Jail. The other man who was with them was not charged.

Watch the video below:

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'Killer clown' craze out of control

Sightings of 'killer clowns' are getting more and more common. However, what were initially isolated incidents in the US have slowly started to spread worldwide.

In Australia, police have issued warnings and some have even made arrests.

“Victoria Police are aware of people who are parading in the public wearing clown masks,” they shared. "The clown purge appears to be a copycat of incidents being seen in the USA recently. Any intimidating and threatening as well as anti-social behaviours will not be tolerated and will be investigated by Police.”

Even in the UK, more and more sightings of these clowns are being reported. Additionally, there was another incident in the US wherein a clown tried to kidnap a child from his mother's arms. What initially started out as a scary prank is slowly spiraling out of control as more and more people are being bothered and sometimes harassed by these pranksters.

Protecting your family

While most of these clown incidents have been harmless, it still pays to be safe at all times since criminals and other sinister people might take advantage of the 'killer clown' craze. Here are a few helpful tips that you can teach your kids:

  1. Make it a point to always know where your child is - As parents, it's normal to sometimes let your kids go out with their friends, or go on outings. While it's important to teach your child independence, it's equally important to make sure that you always know where your children are.
  2. Teach your child safe paths and places - If your child goes home from school by himself, then it would be best if you can accompany them or fetch them from school. If this isn't possible, then you should teach your child safe paths to take when going home, as well as any safe places such as police stations or a trusted friend or relative's house where they can easily get to if there's sign of trouble.
  3. Your children should trust their instincts - Tell your child that if someone makes them feel uncomfortable or scared, they should get away as quickly as they can. They should also inform an adult about the person that's making them uncomfortable.
  4. Being assertive is important - It's important to teach your children that it's totally fine to say NO to an adult, especially if the person is making them uncomfortable or asking for unreasonable requests.
  5. Remind your kids that there is safety in numbers - Kids are safer when they are with other kids. Teach your child the importance of being with a group of friends whenever they go out.



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