Who says stand-up comedy is just for adults?

Who says stand-up comedy is just for adults?

Does your teen always make you laugh? Is your kid dubbed the ‘class clown’ at school? Does your adolescent live, breathe and eat (figuratively of course) comedy? If you’ve said yes to any of the above, then you should bring your kid to Junior Jokers!

Malaysian comedian Phoon Chi Ho

Malaysian comedian Phoon Chi Hois conducting a Junior Jokers Workshop for teens with a passion for comedy.

When asked to describe himself, comedian Phoon Chi Ho replies with the following:

“To parents, I have a face that most mothers will warn their daughters about. But I have a heart of a good man!”

“I’m married myself and I’m a soon-to-be parent. My wife is pregnant with my baby — just to make that clear!”

A self-taught comedian that performed for several comedy shows across Malaysia, Chi Ho hopes to give new comedians the tools and skills on how to churn out jokes.

In conjunction with PJ Laugh Fest, professional funny-man Chi Ho is holding an intensive two week Junior Jokers workshop.

Who says stand-up comedy is just for adults?

If your teen always makes you laugh and has been dubbed the ‘class clown’, your child will love what Chi Ho has in store in the Junior Jokers workshop.

The workshop aims to guide teenagers in developing their sense of humour and confidence.

“I will give new comedians the tools and the skills to sit down and actually churn out jokes. So it’s writing down whatever that comes to your head, it may start with it not being funny and then try to think of the gags and funny bits,” explains Chi Ho.

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Junior Jokers workshop will be conducted in English and will develop their skills in:

–          Writing

–          Memorisation

–          Timing

–          Delivery

–          Speaking in front of groups

–          Bringing out the comedy in them (whether it’s through drawings, writing, acting or stand-up)

Participants will be taught and nurtured in a supportive environment and will learn to use humour as a means of coping with the trials and tribulations of growing up.

The workshop will end with an ‘open mic’ on Saturdays at 1pm where participants will showcase their hard work and entertain their family and friends.

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Find yourself through comedy

Chi Ho talks about how many new comedian start off with topics which aren’t that funny – such as going up on stage saying:  ‘I just broke up with my girlfriend…’

“So if you look at it from a teenager’s point-of-view, it’s an age group that is ripe with problems and topics,” exclaimed Chi Ho.

Teenagers have problems such as relationships, what to wear, making friends… The list goes on!

Chi Ho explains how teens basically feel lost, and comedy is a great way for teenagers to find themselves and express themselves.

Comedy is also a great ice-breaker and it will get people to remember you!

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Great for aspiring comedians

Kids who dream of being a comedian can bring their comedy work to the workshop where they can receive advice and suggestions on how to improve their work.

“Rather than just teaching them, I’d be happy for them to bring their own work and have a third eye look at it and give them some feedback,” informs Chi Ho.

Don’t give up on your passion

“We are always on the lookout for new talents regardless of your age. If you’re five and you can make us laugh and we love your jokes, the stage is for you,” says Chi Ho.

Chi Ho advices aspiring comedians to write down all of their funny ideas. That way, you can always come back to them when you’re feeling uninspired.

“You can also start watching cartoons, sitcoms, or funny movies to find out what kind of comedy you actually like. Then you can try write your own stuff,” adds Chi Ho.

Malaysian comedian Phoon Chi Hoconducting a workshop at PJ Live Arts

Malaysian comedian Phoon Chi Hoconducting a workshop at PJ Live Arts.

Junior Jokers Workshop is held in conjunction with PJ Laugh Fest 2013


Classes fall on May 27, 29 and 31 AND June 3, 5 and 7.


Teens aged 13 to 15 years – 1pm

Teens aged 16 to 18 years – 4pm


PJ Live Arts at Jaya One


RM 200 / RM188 (with Live Card)

For more information:

Call 03-7960 0439

Visit www.pjlivearts.my

Purchase tickets:

+6017 228 9849


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