Why do you rarely see Prince William carrying Princess Charlotte in public?

Why do you rarely see Prince William carrying Princess Charlotte in public?

Have you ever wondered why Princess Charlotte tends to cling to mum Kate while dad William looks after Prince George? Here are some possible explanations

Though both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are clearly devoted parents, it seems that Princess Charlotte is growing up to be a “mummy’s girl.”

If you look closely at some of the Royal family’s public appearances, you’ll notice how Prince William often holds his son George’s hand. Meanwhile it is always Kate who looks after their youngest.

Princess Charlotte is “Mummy’s Little Shadow”!

This is not random, says a report by Us Weekly. A trusted source from the Middleton family is said to fondly call the little princess her mummy’s “shadow.”

“Wherever Kate goes, so does Charlotte. It’s adorable. As she’s home a lot more than George, Charlotte spends time in the kitchen ‘helping’ with things,” says the source.

“Whenever the housekeeper or Kate is preparing food, Charlotte needs her own little toy set by her side to imitate.”

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Robert Jobson, a royal commentator and author, told theBusiness Insider that “it usually comes down to the relationship between the individual child and parent as to who takes the lead in a particular relationship. But in William and George’s case, it may be different.”

Continuing, Jobson shared that it is only William, aside from the Queen and Prince Charles, “who knows what it’s like to be the direct heir in line to the British throne, and only he knows what is expected of him.”

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Jobson believes, William naturally takes the lead by guiding his son while in public.

British manners and etiquette coach William Hanson believes it might not be intentional. But it is still a nice way to pay tribute “to the lineage and line of succession that is key to the British royal family.”

The royal kids are growing up very close with their parents

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Princess Charlotte, who’s turning three in May 2018, will soon be starting nursery school this January 2018.

The royals’ school of choice? Willcocks Nursery School at the Holy Trinity Church in London. The prestigious nursery is just a short distance away from Kensington Palace. 

Big brother George, who’s turning five in July 2018 is definitely very close to his dad William.

“William says they have surprisingly deep conversations these days and his view of the world is absolutely fascinating to him,” reveals the source. William himself can’t believe how bright beyond his years George is, the source adds.

There’s no doubt these little Royals, who have such doting parents, will grow up close to both mummy and daddy, regardless of who looks after whom whenever they greet the adoring public.

sources: Us Weekly, Business Insider

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