#TAPReviews: YAY Kids Stretchable Rompers

#TAPReviews: YAY Kids Stretchable Rompers

We love how durable these rompers are!

Every parent of a boy will know this -- dressing them up can be a pain! They will wriggle and struggle and scream and writhe so you will find it really hard to get them dressed! Especially when they hit the 1-year mark and they start walking, it can be quite the challenge getting them into their rompers with zips and snaps. 

In fact, I gave up on snaps pretty much a month after my son was born. Though a genius invention it might have been in the past, I believe we have plenty of other options to pursue in today's day and age. 

One such option is the YAY Kids stretchable rompers!

When I first chanced upon these rompers on Instagram, I found the designs to be what drew me in. The loud patterns and quirky cutting is what attracted me at first. 

But later I learned that on top of being a really cute romper, it is also one with a pretty unique selling point -- these rompers don't come with any zips or snaps at all! 

All you have to do is stretch the neck part of the romper open, fit your child's body in, slip their arms through the holes and that's it! 

Of course, being a discerning boy mum, I already had many questions at the back of my mind about it.

Trying it out, here's what I like most about the YAY Kids rompers. 

YAY Kids Rompers Review

yay kids

1. No zips and snaps

Yes, this is one of my favourite things about this romper. The fact that it has no zips and snaps that overcomplicate dressing a toddler up!

2. The stretchy material

Surprisingly, the stretchy material bounces right back into place no matter how many times I stretched it to fit my son into his clothes. It is also really cooling at the same time, which is perfect for our tropical weather. 

It's also very comfortable for a toddler because at this age, they will be running around, climbing, occasionally still crawling and this material is flexible enough for them to do all of this with ease.

3. Great quality

Besides the stretchable fabric, it's important that clothes like these are durable because we tend to wash our kids' clothes very often. As we know, at this stage, children often spill food or drinks on their clothes. My son easily goes through 3 outfits a day because of this and all of his clothes have to be able to withstand the constant washing (in the washing machine) and the dryer too. 

Unlike some other clothes that I've tried for my son, the stains on YAY Kids clothes come off really easily and even after 10 washes, the colours are still as vibrant as before. 

yay kids

4. Unique designs

I also love that the YAY Kids rompers come in such cute designs that you won't be able to find elsewhere in the market. You know when a child is wearing a YAY Kids' romper because of the design but also the cutting. 

Check out YAY Kids Store here or follow them on Instagram.


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