5 inspiring Hindi movies you must watch with your kids!

5 inspiring Hindi movies you must watch with your kids!

These movies will not only give your child a much needed break from his routine, but also impart wisdom and help with his emotional intelligence

The monsoon rains are upon us, and this is forcing the kids to stay inside, much to their dismay. And while it may still be easier to have them stay inside, the real problem is to keep them creatively engaged.

Most of the times, toys or video games may not work as the best bet to keep a kid occupied. But there is one thing that they can not only enjoy alone, but also with their parents. This activity is watching movies.

Let's be honest, everybody in India loves watching movies. Your children would have practically grown up watching your favourite soaps or their favourite cartoon. So being glued to the television set is not a big deal for them.

Then why not put this ability (of theirs) to good use and in the process let them learn something new!

We have curated a list of 5 best children's movies that your kids will love watching.

#1 Stanley ka dabba (2011) stanley-ka-dabba

Plot: The story is about Stanley. He is a fourth standard student, who studies in an English-medium school in Mumbai, and never brings his lunch.

He comes in contact with his Hindi teacher who forces other students and his colleagues to share their food with him. But when he questions Stanley on why he doesn't bring lunch, and threatens him with dire consequences, Stanley does something amazing.

Take away: This story will leave you teary-eyed and teach your child the value of perseverance and hope.

#2 Hawaa Hawaai (2014)

hawaa hawaai

Plot: The story is about a boy named Arjun, whose father commits suicide and he then relocates to Mumbai with his mother. He works as a server in a local tea stall but often dreams of becoming a skater. So one day, along with a few friends Arjun champions a pair of skates out of scarps.

The audience can see that they boy has genuine talent and is soon noticed by a skating teacher. What happens next, changes his life forever.

Take away: This is a story of hope, courage and above all hard work; and these are qualities that we must inculcate in our children.

Continue reading to see the other three movies that your must have your kids watch. 

#3 Bumm Bumm Bole (2010)

Bum bum bole

Plot: The story revolves around a family of an impoverished family with a young brother-sister duo, who cannot even afford to buy a uniform. So when the young sister loses her shoes, the siblings decide to share one pair.

Soon, a marathon is announced in the village and the prize is a new pair of sports shoes. What happens next will truly leave you baffled.

Take away: This story teaches the importance of valuing what one has and working hard towards what one doesn't.

#4 Dhanak (2016)


Plot: This is the story of a a strong sibling bond and a superstar. Pari promises her brother that before he turns nine, she will get him his eyesight back. And she believes that the only person who can do that is superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

The cute brother and sister duo then head out on a journey looking for the superstar, and during their journey meet various characters.

Take away: This is beautiful story of sibling love and care and determination.

#5 Delhi Safari (2011)

Delhi Safari

Plot: If you want some animated relief, this is your best bet. It's a story about five animals who set out on a journey to fight against deforestation. They undertake a journey from Mumbai to Delhi, and stick together despite their disagreements.

Take away: While your kid maybe learning about global warming at school, this movie will show him the reality, in a kid-friendly way. It will also teach him the importance of respecting other animals and working towards a greener world.


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