6 Ways To Relieve Labour Pain

6 Ways To Relieve Labour Pain

Raising your comfort level can actually help you deal with pain and labour without drugs. Here are 6 ways to relieve labour pain.

We know that there are a variety of pain relief options available during labour like the epidural and gas, but raising your comfort level can actually help you deal with pain and labour without drugs.

Here are 6 ways to relieve labour pain:

Find a Soothing Environment

Your birth setting must feel safe to you. You should have space to walk and bathe, as well as a variety of furniture and devices to enhance movement and pain relief: low lighting, music to your liking, birth ball, low stool, squatting bar and soft bed. It should give you the freedom to try a variety of positions.

Choose Your Birth Support Team Carefully

Having knowledgeable, supportive and caring midwives, doctors, nurses, partners, loved ones in your birth team can make all the difference. When you're treated with respect and patience, you will feel less stress. Inhibitions decrease, and you can more easily trust yourself to find your best coping mechanism.

Learn About Labour

Fear is in the unknown, so knowing what lies ahead can help you prepare. Find out everything you can about labor from books, magazines, Web sites, videos, classes, a hospital tour and discussions with your health-care provider, family and friends. Discuss your birth plan with your doctor ahead of time. If you feel like they are dismissive of your fears or ideas, you still have the time to find another team.

Practice Rhythmic Breathing

Breathe fully in a slow rhythm during contractions. Release tension with each exhalation and try moaning. Try imagining you're blowing up a balloon. Also try taking quick breaths, about one every 2 to 3 seconds (20 to 30 per minute). Practice with a partner, so if you lose your rhythm, they can help you regain it with eye contact, rhythmic hand or head movements, or by talking you through contractions.

Take a Warm Shower or Bath

A warm bath or shower is very soothing, especially if you can sit on a stool and direct the stream of water onto your abdomen or back. Bathing in warm water can relax you, and it may even help to speed up labor.

Keep Moving

This really makes a world of difference in labour. Move around as much as you can. Some mothers I know walked right up until it was time to push. Walk, lean, sway, rock and squat. Some positions will be more comfortable than others and only by moving can you find them.

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