7 things all failing marriages have in common

7 things all failing marriages have in common

“Physical intimacy is only a facet in marriages, yet it plays an important role in keeping the passion between couples alive.”

Some marriages end way before it’s finalised in paper, and usually there were signs that signalled it was falling apart. But how do you know whether these signs are simply a rough patch all couple go through or a clear sign that a marriage is deteriorating?

Hannah Rose, in her Family Share article, lists down the seven signs that failing messages have in common.

1. Lack of boundaries

Be it emotionally or physically, boundaries must be clearly established and communicated not only in marriages but all relationships. Without it, either party risks inappropriately behaving toward one another, or worse, other people.

2. Selfish eyes and selfish actions

A marriage is a partnership between between two people, and every aspect of it must be in the interest of both parties—be it martial decisions or simple distribution of household work. Once a wife or a husband starts taking into consideration only his or her own personal satisfaction, it’s a sign that the marriage is no longer in its ideal state.

3. Criticism

“A strong marriage is built and sustained upon adoration, compliments, acceptance, emotional and physical wellness,” says Hannah.

Disrespectful judgments corrode even the strongest of marriages, and instead foster a negative environment for both husband and wife. It can also fill a marriage with toxic threats, lectures, manipulative comments and brainwashing.

4. Disrespect

Respect is one of the strongest foundation of a marriage. Without it, a marriage can easily fall apart. Disrespect can take the form of many things, including angry outbursts and utter disregard for one’s partner’s feelings.

5. Lack of emotional investment

A husband must be able to share his passion, joy, sadness, anger, desire, frustration, and love to his wife and vice versa. They should be invested in each other’s lives and share an emotional connection with each other. A lack of emotional investment basically means they no longer care about each other.

6. Loss of physical interest

Physical intimacy is only one facet in a marriage, and yet it plays an important role in keeping the passion between couples alive and kicking. Physical interest extends to affectionate gestures such as asking your spouse how his or her day went, what they would want for their birthday, etc.

7. Living separate lives

According to Hannah, there is no such thing as a being too independent within a marriage. Married couples are a team working toward a similar goal and building a shared life together. A failing marriage struggles to mesh either party’s social circles, recreational hobbies and leisure activities, which then results in disconnect.

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