Married teacher has sex with 15-year-old

Married teacher has sex with 15-year-old

A married British teacher seduced and had sex with his 14-year-old female student. Read more to find out the signs that your child has a dangerous crush.

An affair with a married man

Find out the signs that your child has a dangerous crush.

An affair with a married man

The Seduction

The teacher confessed to his student that he was desperately unhappy with his marriage, before getting her to replace his wife in bed.

They shared a first kiss in the classroom, part of the preparatory seduction lesson that led to his marriage home and bed.

In her own words, “I remember after not feeling guilty or that I had done anything wrong. We used contraception every single time. Obviously it was a big thing for me. It should probably have been bigger, but I was not that affected by it.”

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The Discovery

Police started sniffing around after a tip led them to the girl’s phone, where they discovered text messages between her and Jeremy.

Jeremy and his lover took a ferry where Jeremy threw his phone into the sea. They dumped their car in Paris, and spent the next few days moving round there.

Meanwhile, they had become big news in Britain, but they had no idea. They finally saw their story online, and even though they tried to hide, French police found them and they were sent back to Britain for Jeremy to face trial.

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When a student has a dangerous crush…

How would you know if your own child is being seduced by a teacher, or has developed a dangerous crush on one? What are the indicators to look for? How do you react?

The teacher is being inappropriately physical with the student

This may involve intimate hugs, touching, or even having “extra lessons”. The schools counselor and authorities should be brought into the picture immediately so discreet inquiries can be conducted immediately that will search out the truth in ways that will not damage the reputations or minds of the student or the teacher. Sometimes, real teacher concern and worry can be misconstrued as sexual intentions.

The teacher gives better grades than the student deserves

This is a classic tell-tale sign that sets the stage for the student to “like” the teacher and become psychologically dependent. Parents should be on the watch for this, and not just think, “My child deserves the grade.” Contact the principal and show the work that received an unfair higher grade, and ask for an opinion.

Flirtatious contact through social media

In Malaysia, it seems to be common practice to have a teacher as a friend on social networks. Monitor conversations and virtual items that your child sends to the teacher. It will be quite obvious when it is a genuine appreciative gift and when it becomes something romantic or flirtatious.

Talking about a teacher a little TOO much

Your child talks about a teacher a little too much or refers to the teacher in relation to things that happen outside school. For instance, “My teacher loves this too,” when having dinner at home. If it becomes overwhelming, a meeting with the school might be in order.

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