Website to be developed for child protection

Website to be developed for child protection

Childline Malaysia is currently developing a website for children to contact them for help over their rights and protection.

How important is child protection websites?

Child Protection Websites

Child Protection Websites:Malaysia’s first 24-hour helpline

Malaysia’s first 24-hour helpline for children Childline Malaysia will launch its user-friendly website next year.

Childline Malaysia chairman Sabri Rahman said the website would benefit children who were hearing impaired or unable to contact them via telephone.

Sabri said the website is currently being modeled on similar applications done by Childline organizations in other countries.

Childline via its helpline number, 15999, received some 4,564 calls nationwide last year of which 1,828 calls were related to psycho-social mental health issues, while 1,192 were related to abuse and violence.

69 per cent of the children who contacted Childline were under 18 years old.

Child Protection Websites

“We are now developing a user-friendly website, which will be more of a social network site incorporating a Facebook and Twitter-like environment,” said Sabri at a press conference at the Children for Child Protection Forum and Exhibition 2012.

The two-day forum, themed “Be the Change. Speak Up” was organized to empower and engage children to share their views on subjects that affected them directly.

The two-day event was organized in conjunction with Universal Children’s Day to empower children from diverse backgrounds to share their views on child safety and security.

This includes Internet safety, being safe in a relationship, safety at home, bullying and emotional abuse.

The program is a result of a collaboration between Childline Malaysia, Sime Darby Berhad, UNICEF Malaysia and Women, Family and Community Development Ministry.


User-friendly website soon to empower children

By children, for children

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