Beware of chemicals that can harm your children

Beware of chemicals that can harm your children

Is your baby safe in your own home? While parents ensure that their baby is housed in a clean home, they fail to realize that the cleaning products they use may be harming their child.

BabyOrganix toxic-free household cleaning products

Toxic free home for your family.

Our precious babies love to crawl everywhere, put things in their mouth and suckle on their thumb. While it may be adorable, it can also be dangerous if they are being exposed to dirty or toxic items or surroundings without your knowledge.

That is why it is important that parents maintain a toxic-free home that is clean and infant-safe.

Importance of having a safe home

All parents want to keep a safe home so that no harm will come to their children. But an area often overlooked is the type of cleaning detergent used to clean the floors, walls, clothes and even children’s toys.

Your little one may get an allergic reaction from things you least expect, such as, the chemicals from the sheets he sleeps on, his favourite blankie, and the walls and floors around him.

That is why it’s infinitely important to keep your little bundle of joy safe from the harmful chemicals that might affect him.

What are toxic chemicals?

We are all tempted to use off-the-shelf products to clean our home.

Although it is convenient, cheap and readily available, it is also full of ingredients that can trigger or cause an adverse allergic reaction from your precious baby.

Toxic chemicals such as bleach and ammonia may clean and get the job done fast, but they also cause irritation to your loved one’s eyes, airways, and with enough exposure – your nervous systems.

These cleaning products not only pose health concerns for you and your family but can also cause environmental damage by the manufacturing and disposal of the product.

Why not switch to a child-friendly cleaning product?  You and your family can be free from toxic chemicals that may affect your family.

Toxic-free cleaning products

Cleaning your home should not have to compromise the safety of your home and family.

BabyOrganix has been created out of passion for infant safe products. With their motto: Toxic free home for your family. BabyOrganix is sure to keep your household clean and toxic free.

All BabyOrganix products are made out of natural sources without any artificial fragrances or colourants.

Their products are also made without using any harmful toxic ingredients such as Mineral Oil, Formaldehyde, Petrochemicals, SLS, Propylene Glycol, Paraben, and Phosphates that is bad for your child.

Environmentally friendly products

All BabyOrganix products are environmentally friendly. BabyOrganix cares for the environment, therefore their products are bio-degradable and does not cause harm to marine life.

They also pride themselves with the following values:-

– Natural and organic ingredients

– —Eco friendly products

—- Infant safe

—- Not tested on animals

– Toxic free

So parents, you can rest well knowing you’re actually protecting the planet your children will inherit when you use BabyOrganix products.

BabyOrganix cleaning products

BabyOrganix offers a myriad of child-friendly products including lotions, creams and oils for your precious baby and pregnant mummies.

They also offer toxic-free cleaning products that you can use around your home, such as:

–          BabyOrganix Crawl Safely Floor Wash: Used to ensure that you have clean and toxic-free floors.

–          BabyOrganix Baby Feeding Bottle Wash: Used to sterilise your baby’s bottles and feeding accessories to keep away harmful bacteria that might make him ill.

–          BabyOrganix Kids Wear Liquid Cleanser: Used to remove tough stains from clothes, making mum’s laundry duty easy-peasy!

–          BabyOrganix O’Clean Laundry Powder: Contains Zero ‘O’ nasty ingredients, and it can remove the toughest stains on your baby’s clothes and diapers.

 BabyOrganix Malaysia

BabyOrganix products are currently available in all Jusco, Mums Care and Mother and Baby specialty shops. BabyOrganix is also expanding their distributions to pharmacies and organic shops.

For more information on these products and other BabyOrganix products visit our gallery: Infant safe products for your home                


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