Are you ready to try the 10-hour diaper challenge?

Are you ready to try the 10-hour diaper challenge?

Mummies, what if you were given extra time during the day – what would you do with it?

“There aren’t enough hours in a day.” That’s a phrase almost all new mums tend to say. Not only do we have a million things to do – breastfeeding, burping your baby, changing diapers – we also lack sleep! This is a pretty stressful scenario, but one that is faced by every mum out there.

But what if you were given an extra 10 hours every day? Wouldn’t that be blissful? What would you do with those 10 extra hours? You could exercise, read a book, pamper yourself with some me-time and a whole lot more.

Better yet... What if those extra 10 hours were given to you at night? Imagine how much more rest you could be getting!

Are you ready to try the 10-hour diaper challenge?

What Mums Want

Getting those 10 hours of joy is not a fantasy. The answer is simple, actually. The secret is in keeping your baby dry. Now, with PetPet’s new range of diapers, your fantasy can become a reality.

PetPet spoke to real parents and asked them what they were looking for when purchasing diapers for their little ones. Here’s what they said: They wanted diapers with no leakage, that were long-lasting and kept their baby dry for longer periods of time.

Another of the major pain points of parents was that they spent too much time changing their baby’s diapers because of all the issues mentioned!

After thorough research and development, PetPet created diapers that address all of these issues.

The Secret Behind 10 Hours of Joy

The new range of PetPet diapers utilises non-woven fabric and absorbent material processing and moulding techniques that ahead of everything else in the industry. It contains a superior “Fast Dry” technology together with the 360° AirThru system that provides  a quick drying mechanism that keeps babies comfortable and happy for up to 10 hours a day.

What does this all mean? Parents can now say goodbye to frequent changing. They can rest easy knowing that their little ones will be happy and smiling not only throughout the daytime, but as they sleep blissfully in their cribs at night. Best of all, no more leaks!

This means you can add valuable time to live your life!

Adding 10 Hours of Joy to Your Life

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Now, with 10 hours of uninterrupted diaper comfort, mummies will find more time on their hands to enjoy life a little more. Here’s what you can look forward to:

1. Extended Play Time with Baby

Babies like to be comfortable, especially during playtime. The last thing you want is a grumpy baby when you’re enjoying playtime with them. With 10 hours of joy, mums can now have extended play time with their little ones and cherish every moment of it.

2. More Restful Nights

When your little one doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night for a diaper change, that means a chance to grab some extra Z’s. And for new mums, there’s no gift better than rest. Your little bub will also be getting better rest, resulting in a happier baby throughout the day!

3. A Happy, Smiling Baby All Day Long!

We’ve all heard those cranky cries of babies when it’s time for a diaper change. The sticky, wet feeling sure upsets those little ones. Now with PetPet’s Fast Dry technology, your baby will never be cranky from a wet diaper. Instead, he will be happy and smiling all day long.

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4. More Savings

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While regular diapers usually require a change every four to six hours, PetPet’s new and improved diapers can last you up to 10 hours! When you’re changing diapers less often and using fewer diapers in a day, you are definitely saving some money too. Mums know that one of the things we spend on the most is diapers, so it’s great that we can save on this now!

5. Less Stress for Mum

We’ve all heard of “happy wife, happy life” but there’s also “happy baby, happy mummy”. When baby is happy and mummy is well-rested, mum is definitely less stressed and more calm. When you are calmer, you are able to cherish each and every one of those moments you have with your little one!

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Mums, are you ready to take the 10 hours of joy challenge? Try the new, revolutionary PetPet diapers and share your experience with us.

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