Boys' school brawl caught on camera

Boys' school brawl caught on camera

You can see them in the video throwing furniture across the room.

We know young boys can be a tad rowdy, especially when in a group. But no amount of “boys will be boys” reasoning can justify this school boys brawl that was caught on camera in a popular Singapore school. 

school boys brawl

In this school boys brawl, you can clearly see the boys hurling furniture across the room and generally behaving like rowdies. | Image: Stomp screengrab

School Boys Brawl Shows Classroom Being Wrecked

In the video, which has been circulating online, we can clearly see how these out-of-control boys trash their classroom as chairs and tables go flying across the room. 

First, two boys can be seen hurling plastic chairs while another one turns over a desk. Laughter erupts as another student struts for the camera, raising both his middle fingers rudely. 

More furniture is thrown around the class and more boys join in the “fun.” Things get so out-of-hand that one chair seems to almost hit the person recording the video.

More students soon join in the brawl as more classroom furniture is flung across the room. One chair even hits the person recording the video, causing the camera to shake from the impact.

Some boys, however, don’t want to be a part of the chaos and are seen trying to leave the classroom. At one point in the video, one boy shouts at the others: “Oi! Do not break the tables and chairs!”

However, no one listens to him and the boys continue with their merry-making, all the while laughing loudly and yelling. 

Citizen journalism site Stomp says they reached out to the principal of the school in question, who issued this statement: 

“The school does not condone the students’ actions in the video, and has counselled them and meted out appropriate disciplinary measures.” Apparently, the students have also “expressed regret for their actions.”

Watch the video below: 

We understand that when excited, children of a certain age can get carried away and behave rowdily. However, can these boys’ behaviour be excused?

Besides the trashing of school equipment, they could have easily gotten hurt. They also look big enough to understand the meaning of responsible behaviour and common sense. 

We hope their parents and teachers speak to them about this incident and just how irresponsible their behaviour was.


Source: Stomp


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