Feel Yourself Up — Your Step-by-Step Guide To Breast Self-Examination!

Feel Yourself Up — Your Step-by-Step Guide To Breast Self-Examination!

This article has clear instructions on how to conduct a breast self-examination steps by steps. Free yourself from breast cancer, ladies!

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), breast cancer is the most common cancer globally, and ‘early detection to improve survival remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control’. That is why it's important to learn about breast self-examination steps by steps.

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and with this statement in mind, make sure you carry out regular self-examinations and annual mammograms.

Breast cancer occurs when there is abnormality present in breast cells and they divide without control or order, unlike normal cells which divide and produce in a systematic manner.

When this unorderly division occurs, extra tissue is produced, which creates a mass called a tumor. Such tumors can be cancerous or benign and the majority of breast cancers start in the milk ducts.

While going for regular mammograms is one-way women can detect breast cancer in its early stages, there is another, more simple method you can use to check for lumps in the privacy of your own home: breast self-examination.

Breast Self Examination Steps By Steps

breast self examination steps

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Photo credit: SMG Women's Health

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