6 Breastfeeding Positions For Every Mum

6 Breastfeeding Positions For Every Mum

Have fun and enjoy the breastfeeding journey because it doesn't last forever

Learn more about correct breastfeeding positions!

Are you planning on breastfeeding? Do you and bubs feel awkward or uncomfortable when you’re breastfeeding? Do not fret, breastfeeding isn’t rocket science and there’s no right or wrong position. As long as you get the latch right, every mum has their own preferred position to breastfeed. Here are some you can try to find what is most comfortable for you.

Correct Breastfeeding Positions

# 1 Cross-Cradle Hold

breastfeeding positions

Image credit : abbottnutrition.com

A very popular hold with new mums and newborns, the baby’s head rests in the arm opposite of the breast he or she is nursing from. This hold gives mum a lot of control. Mum gets to support her baby’s head with her hand, while helping their newborns get a better latch. A support of a pillow can help prop the baby up to breast level and also give mum’s arm something to rest on, when using the cross-cradle hold.

#2 Football Hold


With my first daughter I used this carry a lot. It just seemed most comfortable and she could latch so much better. Now I know football (herein Rugby to us) is not a popular sport in Malaysia, but I’m sure you’ve seen how they do a football hold in movies. It is exactly as the name suggests.

Both baby’s legs are arm are tucked alongside mum, under her armpit, while she uses her hand to hold baby’s head to the breast. This hold is actually really great for moms who have had Cesarean Section because it keeps baby’s body from resting on the incision.

# 3 Cradle Hold

image credit : toptalesofdata.blogspot.my

image credit : toptalesofdata.blogspot.my

This hold is more popular for older newborns up to toddler hood if you’re still breastfeeding then. When babies have built up neck muscles and better head control, they will require less head support. Babies are generally lying on their side and breastfeeding on the same side of mum’s arm.

Their mouth is level with mum’s nipple, while their head and shoulder is supported in the nook of mum’s arm. Some mums will still use a nursing pillow so that their arms can rest on something for longer feeds. I personally still use this hold with a pillow to nurse my toddler.

I love how I have the freedom to play with her hands with my free arm. Having a pillow meant that my posture would be more straight as oppose to bent forward. Always set up to be comfortable when you’re breastfeeding, this will make it more relaxing for both you and your baby.

#4 Side-Lying


This is by far my most favourite of all time. Running a household with two kids and still doing night feeds is not for the faint hearted. I for one would like my beauty sleep, so this “self service” method works a charm for me.

This position requires both mum and baby to be lying on their side. We co-sleep you see, so it is just as easy as releasing a few buttons and baby gets to feed.

For safety reasons she slept in a Secure Sleeper when she was below 6 months, but after that she slept beside me so night feeds were a breeze. Baby gets to feed, mummy gets to sleep. Happy days.

#5 In a Sling / Carrier

image credit : Mommy Meowmeow

image credit : Mommy Meowmeow

Many breastfeeding moms are also babywearing mums because they can feed on the go. Breastfeeding in a carrier is pretty straight forward and comes with a nursing hood for added privacy. However, always bear this in mind when you’re using a carrier or sling and even more so when you are breastfeeding in one:

breastfeeding positions

image credit : babyslingsafety.co.uk

While the sling and wrap does most of the cradling work for you, you should always master the carries first before learning how to nurse in one. Practice nursing in private before nursing in public, so as not expose your modesty unknowingly.

#6 Breastfeeding Any Way You Know How

With breastfeeding firmly established, you can pretty much breastfeed anyhow you like. Some, in jaw dropping ways, others with acrobatic babies. Which ever way you do it, don’t stress. Have fun and enjoy the breastfeeding journey because it doesn’t last forever.

These breastfeeding positions may not be comfortable to you but the babies seems okay with it!

breastfeeding positions

image credit : informationng.com

breastfeeding positions

image credit : wellroundedny.com/

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