Bridesmaid Dies After Pressure To Down Hard Liquor

Bridesmaid Dies After Pressure To Down Hard Liquor

A bridesmaid died after she was allegedly pressured to "down" hard liquor during a wedding reception.

A bridesmaid from China died at a wedding reception after she was allegedly pressured to "down" 'Baijiu', a hard liquor during the event.

To down is to consume a lot of alcohol in one go, not taking a break in between sips.

The bridesmaid from Hainan was apparently pressured by a group of men seated at her table to chug the deadly concoction which contains 40 to 60 per cent alcohol.

Drinking to multiple toasts is a tradition at Chinese weddings, but guests are not required to down the alcohol.

You can watch the video below:

Death by alcohol poisoning

By-standers recorded the 'episode' and the 23-second footage went viral after being uploaded on YouTube.

The video shows the woman, known as Yang, consuming the drink while being cheered by several men. She is then shown to collapse, needing assistance from two men to walk. They then wheeled her out of the ballroom on a hotel trolley. She was brought to Wenchang City People’s hospital, and was pronounced dead 40 minutes later.

It was reported that her death was due to alcohol poisoning. Drinking too much alcohol at one go can lead to severe brain damage, coma and death.

Prevent this from happening to your loved ones!

Remind your loved ones that it's fine to enjoy themselves at a wedding or any other event, but that they should also remember that there are limits, and to never let anyone pressure or challenge them into doing something that's extremely out of their comfort zone. The consequences are literally life or death!


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