Just Stay at Home! 6 Edutainment Apps & Services to Keep Your Kids Learning

Just Stay at Home! 6 Edutainment Apps & Services to Keep Your Kids Learning

The virtual world is great for kids with responsible use. Here are 6 edutainment apps and services to keep your little ones occupied at home!

As schools are closed, parents have to rely on the virtual world to keep their kids educated or engaged. Due to this, Digi Telecommunications is now offering Malaysians access to fun and quality learning activities to keep families occupied during this Movement Control Order (MCO).

Parents can subscribe to MyDigi Subscriptions by EasyAdd, which offers various edutainment apps and services that are currently on special discounts and with free trials. Non-Digi users can also access this through www.easyadd.my

Here are six edutainment app and services for your children:

1. JomStudi 


To ensure that children are not left behind in their studies, try JomStudi, a digital learning hub developed to provide students with educational content that they can easily access anytime and anywhere. The educational content, which includes those from Astro Tutor TV and Media Prima’s FullAMark, complies with the syllabus prescribed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE) for Year 5, UPSR, PT3 and SPM and gamifies the study process by allowing students a chance to collect e-badges as rewards for completing their assignments.

Digi is now offering free 24/7 data access for all Digi customers for any JomStudi content browsed throughout the MCO.

2. Classruum 


Classruum is a virtual classroom that enables students to learn from certified teachers and tailor their own lesson plan using study materials that comply with the MOE syllabus. Consisting of core subjects for UPSR, Form 1, PT3 and Form 5 levels, tutorials are broken into lesson plans, practice and summary to enable students to understand the subjects and practice at their own pace. Students have online access to video tutorials, study notes, assessments and even interactive games.

Digi customers can enjoy a limited RM1 offer to access certain Classruum subjects for one month via MyDigi Subscriptions.

3. Me Books

Me Books

If you’re looking for a great way to bond with your kids, Me Books is an interactive storytime experience which contains over 300 children’s audio books. The quality storytime experience targeted at children aged between two to nine years consists of built-in narration with accurate pronunciations to help children brush up on their language skills. Children and their parents can opt to personalise the experience through a recording programme that records narrations and sounds.

Me Books is now available for subscription at RM12/month or RM60/year via MyDigi Subscriptions.

4. Atom & The Dot

Atom & The Dot

Any parent will know that the trick to keep children out of trouble is to keep them busy! Atom & The Dot enables fun and continuous learning for children aged between two to nine years through hands-on art science activity boxes. Each activity box comes with materials and instructions for art and science-inspired activities and experiments which will keep children entertained while sparking their curiosity and promoting creativity at the same time.

For Digi customers who are interested to try out Atom & The Dot, they can do so with the single trial pack at RM25 or opt for the RM40 for a monthly mini box subscription.

5. Veative


Veative offers over 650 VR modules mapped to the Malaysian (KSSM) curriculums. It provides students with another way to connect with complex concepts, via an engaging virtual environment. Open your children's world to new possibilities and take a deeper dive into science and mathematics topics in a virtual world.

Digi customers can subscribe to Veative for a special price of RM95 which comes with a VR headset and 1-month subscription. Subsequent renewals thereafter will only be at RM10/month.

6. Hopster


Screen time can be an enriching experience for children through Hopster, a safe and ads-free entertainment and education app developed by academics in childhood education and cognitive development. The app contains hundreds of television shows, books, songs and games under one platform and comes with parental control features and smart screen time features.

Hopster is available for subscription from RM5/week.

Source: Digi

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