The Cutest Baby Cosplay Ever!

The Cutest Baby Cosplay Ever!

Inspired by her napping 4 month old cutie pie Joey, creative mom Laura Izumikawa created the cutest baby cosplay ever!

Babies just look so cute when they are sleeping don't they? Mummy Laura Izumikawa, a photographer, certainly thinks so! Inspired by her 4 month old cutie pie Joey, this creative mum decided to take it one step further, creating the cutest baby cosplay ever!

“Joey slept so deeply so I thought it’d be fun adding little props around her just to send some hilarious pictures to our parents and friends,” she said.

Izumikawa adds that Building costumes from stuff lying around the house, or borrowing items from friends, Izumikawa has been able to create some incredible mini-outfits. And the amazing thing is how chill Joey is about her mini-outfits.

“She usually just smiles and goes right back to sleep, which is kind of crazy,” she said. “If it was me, I don’t think I could just go back to sleep, especially with a ridiculous wig on. I think those are the moments I try especially hard to stifle my laughter. “

Here are some of the results!

Jon Snow






Ariel in the sea and on land


Han Solo


And even Beyonce!


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