Dealing With Postpartum Hair Loss

Dealing With Postpartum Hair Loss

While hairfall ends when baby reaches six months, for some women it can take up to a year for their hair to regain some normalcy

The pregnancy glow is a real thing. A thick lustrous head of hair and radiant skin are just some of the perks pregnant women enjoy, thanks to the increased levels of estrogen in their bodies.

However, once the baby is out in the world, all this changes. Estrogen levels drop, skin becomes super dry and sensitive and worst of all, all that luscious hair is now falling. Sometimes in clumps. Women are already pretty stressed about how we look postpartum, what with the flabby tummy and the lack of sleep and time to shower, much less make up.

While hairfall ends when baby reaches six months, for some women it can take up to a year for their hair to regain some normalcy. Here are some ways to deal with postpartum hair loss:

Get a flattering new cut

This can really help refresh your look and add some fullness to your hair. You don't have to go pixie short. If your hair is really flat, you can take some length off which will reduce the weight. Layers also help add volume. And while long hair is really noticeable when its falling everywhere, you may not notice hair fall as much when its short so you'll feel less stressed!

Treat Deficiency 

Eat a healthy and balanced diet for a natural source of vitamins and minerals and remember, breastfeeding moms need 2200 calories or more a day to sustain themselves and a healthy supply.  Eat food items which are rich in Vitamin C and B complex to stop hair fall. These vitamins can be found in legumes, peas, green leafy vegetables, oranges, yeast, sprouts, curd, buttermilk, soya, whole grains and nuts.If you're breastfeeding you can continue with your prenatal supplements (discuss with your doctor) to prevent iron and zinc deficiencies.

Avoid heat, colours and styling tools

Heat, coloring and various gels and sprays cause damage even when your hair is healthy. So you should avoid them while your hair is already falling. Try air-drying. If you get a really good cut, you won't need extra styling.


Try a nice relaxing scalp massage with or without oil. 5-10 minutes a day can help stimulate growth and keep you relaxed and calm. You can try coconut oil, which has many benefits for hair. You can also try a drop or two of rosemary oil which is recommended for hair as it helps to supply oxygen to hair follicles which are responsible for hair growth.


I used a home-made recipe as a post-shampoo tonic and while it definitely didn't stop the hair fall, it helped the baby hairs grow faster. Add a drop or two of lavender oil and tamanu oil to a 50-cent amount of aloe vera gel. Alternative oils you can try are argan oil, amla oil, pomegranate seed oil, jojoba and olive oil.

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