Designer clothes can be bad for kids

Designer clothes can be bad for kids

A study conducted in the US showed that many kids are not getting enough physical outdoor exercise because of the clothes that they wear to school.


Designer clothes can be bad for kids

Designer clothes for kids

The study also revealed that some kids who are inappropriately dressed prevent other kids in class from playing.

Researchers said some kids go to school wearing outfits that are very nice and expensive. Kids didn't want to play or do activities for fear of getting their clothes dirty.

Teachers were reluctant to let them play because they were afraid of having parents, especially mothers, screaming at them for ruining their kids' expensive clothes.

It is interesting to see that something as simple as clothes can hamper kids from getting the exercise that they really need to keep them healthy.

But what are parents thinking when they send their kids to school wearing clothes that too nice to be dirtied? Don't they know that mess and dirt is part of what makes school really fun and exciting?

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