Dumped For Being Overweight, This Mum Lost 40 kg In 8 Months!

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She was dumped for being overweight, but she used the pain as motivation.This Singapore mum's weight loss journey is super inspiring!

Her husband called her 'fat' and 'ugly', and complained that she didn't work. She was eventually dumped for being overweight.

Singapore mum Ms He Ting Luan, however, used the pain as motivation for weight loss.

Her weight loss journey, from a hefty 95 kg to 53 kg now, is nothing short of inspiring!

Singapore Mum Dumped For Being Overweight

being overweight

Ms. He told Lianhe Wanbao that before pregnancy, she weighed only 60 kg. She piled on the pounds during pregnancy, and found it difficult to get rid of the flab after delivery.

At one point of time, she weighed 95 kg.

She has been quoted as saying, "At that time, my son was, unfortunately, diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease, and needed to be warded in the ICU."

“Every day, I spent around 16 hours looking after him. I didn’t even have time to look in the mirror, much less lose weight.”

She was also jobless as she had quit her job as deputy CEO at a bank to look after her sick mother. 

Far from being understanding however, her husband taunted her for being 'fat', 'jobless' and 'ugly'. He eventually left her for another woman, who he later married.

Motivation for weight loss

Her husband's betrayal and the hurt of rejection was mummy He's biggest motivation. She went back to work, and is now CEO at an investment firm. 

She also started working out in the gym during her one-hour lunch breaks. Ms. He says that she prefers Muay Thai and weightlifting for weight loss, and does not believe in dieting.

She managed to lose 40 kg in 8 months!

This single mummy's journey doesn't end here though. She now wants to take part in the Mrs Singapore Pageant to encourage other mothers. She hopes that they can get inspired from her experience

Ms. He says, “Winning the contest will be an affirmation of my hard work and tenacity in the face of ordeal.” 

“By using myself as a successful example, I hope to encourage other mothers with low self-esteem to rediscover their confidence, and let their children be proud of them.”

(Source: Lianhe Wanbao, Stomp)

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