Duped by lover over Facebook!

Duped by lover over Facebook!

In an age when people fall in love over Yahoo messenger and marriages are fixed up or broken up over Facebook pictures and statuses, online scams, frauds and heartbreaks are passé. And if you thought that only imbeciles or stupid people were capable of landing into trouble for having trusted their online acquaintances, here is a shocking bit of news which should act as an eye opener for all who trust too easily.

Duped by lover over Facebook!A young executive with a communication company was duped of some of her hard earned money after she met someone over Facebook last year. This man who, to her surprise, knew a lot about her told her that he was working with a government agency. He also assured the girl who seemed to throw all caution to the winds as she fell head over heels in love with him that he was a bachelor. The girl recently told Kosmo! that, “He seemed to know my background. He knew where I lived. I was opened to getting to know him. We communicated regularly through SMSes. We even met once when he visited me at my office in Ipoh.”

Once he knew that she had a soft corner for him, he told her that he was going through a financial crisis because of his ailing mother. Blinded by love, this 24-year-old girl offered to help him and started depositing money into the various bank accounts he asked her to.

She now regrets her folly and remembers how she even handed over hard cash to, “a woman who claimed to be the secretary of his company”.

She started realizing her mistake when she saw her "friend’s" pictures with him holding wads of RM50 and RM 100 notes over Facebook.

“I was also contacted by a woman who claimed to be his wife. I felt cheated and demanded my money back but I could not find him and he was no longer picking up my calls.”

Having lost over RM47,000 due to her gullibility, this young woman is now extremely regretful about the whole episode. She has now lodged a complaint against the scamster with the Sungai Senam police station, and we do wish her all the best with her efforts to trace back her savings.

What we do wonder is whether that can help mend her broken heart!

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