#TAPreviews: Effortless Beauty Lash Extension With Relaxing Head Massage Service At Home

#TAPreviews: Effortless Beauty Lash Extension With Relaxing Head Massage Service At Home

It's a very convenient service that all mums should use!

Before we become mothers, we first become women who have strong identities. We might be career women or we might be academic scholars. We might be women who love to dress up and socialise with friends. We have these personas that we take decades to craft before we decide to add on another layer to that -- and that layer is motherhood.

But becoming a mother does not make us less of who we were before our children came along. We still prioritise our careers, our passion projects and of course, our beauty. 

Sometimes, though, beauty takes a backseat especially when we're busy juggling our jobs, our kids and not to mention household chores. It can be absolutely exhausting.

Worse still, 2020 has been a crazy year. We did not expect to have to stay home for half the year and have even less "me" time. 

This year, I have had nary a moment to brush my hair, let alone go out and get a massage or do the usual beauty treatments I enjoy doing from time to time.

Thankfully, I was recently introduced to Effortless Beauty, an online beauty booking platform in Malaysia, which aims to bring you the pampering you need right to your doorstep. And amidst this COVID-19 mess, they promise safety too. 

#TAPreview: Effortless Beauty Booking Platform

The name is perfect for this platform because yes, indeed it is effortless to make a booking for your beauty treatments from manicures to lash extensions to make-up services to waxing and more. 

As a busy mum myself, it is tough to set aside time to get dressed, get out of the house and go to a beauty appointment. This process is even more restricted now with the CMCO. 

But when I got the chance to try out the Effortless platform for a lash extension with a relaxing head massage, the decision to make the booking was an automatic one. 

A representative from Effortless contacted me before the service and asked about my lash preferences and I also filled in a declaration form for safety purposes. Then it was all good to go and time for my service!

effortless beauty

With my husband caring for our baby in another room, I welcomed the therapist, Jessica, into our home and let her start working on my lashes from the comfort of my own bed. She was wearing a mask the whole time and she made it a point to sanitise her hands and her tools before the session started. 

It was a really nice and relaxing session as she started by giving me the head massage with essential oils before starting on my lashes. Jessica was very professional, she questioned me about my lash preferences before I started, just to be sure I got what I wanted. I really wanted natural lashes and she definitely delivered on that end.

She was also very conscientious about the glue as sometimes it might sting for some people. She kept asking me if I felt okay and I was glad to say I was comfortable throughout the whole treatment session. The entire thing took about 75 minutes and I managed to relax and rejuvenate during the session. Though Jessica says many people take this opportunity to take a nap, I preferred to chat with her a little instead.

She was very knowledgeable on giving me tips to care for the lash extensions, such as not washing my face or coming into contact with water for at least 4 hours after the treatment and also no rubbing my eyes, of course. Another tip she gave was not to apply eye makeup or use eye makeup remover on the area as it might affect the longevity of the glue. 

All in all, it was an enjoyable session.

Once done, I went straight to my baby to spend time with him. 

Doing a treatment like this goes just beyond having pretty lashes, because during the CMCO, it can be quite depressing to stay home all the time. Having done my lashes, I felt an uplift in my mood as well because when we go out nowadays, we have to wear our masks and the first and most noticeable thing would be our eyes. 

I got plenty of compliments from people who saw me after the lash extension and it can be a great feeling to take care of yourself despite busy schedules. As mums, we definitely deserve the kind of effortless pampering Effortless Beauty can offer us.

As for the price point, I have to say that their services are very reasonably priced. My lash extension with head massage was RM189. I know many parlours out there that offer lashes at a higher price point than this, so I found this to be incredibly affordable.

effortless beauty

I think the lashes turned out great and this is something I will be looking forward to doing more often. I also look forward to trying out their other services, such as their massages which range from prenatal massage to postnatal massage to the usual traditional massages, starting from RM170. 

To make your booking on Effortless now, click here.

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