Malaysia's first enrichment mall

Malaysia's first enrichment mall

Malaysia's very first enrichment mall will be a place for mothers to shop as well as a place for kids to learn and have fun.

Malaysia's first enrichment mallMalaysian mothers finally have something to look forward to with the development of Malaysia's first enrichment mall. Kids will be able to learn new things while they are entertained while their mothers have fun shopping.

The enrichment mall promises to the first of its kind in Malaysia, with it spreading over a sprawling 74,000 sq m in the new phase at Jaya. The new concept is being promoted by Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd, an owner and developer at Jaya One.

The developer of this mall came up with this brilliant idea when he found out, after conducting a survey, that there were lots of mothers who were willing to spend a little more on educating their kids and actually thought of this extra expenditure as an investment for a better future.

Charles Wong, the Executive Director at Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd, told us that the school is meant to cater to parents who wanted to give the best of education to their children to ensure a better and brighter future for them.

He told us, "Based on a survey, we find that many mothers are willing to invest in opportunities to enrich their children's learning. They also want to be a part of their children's developments. Therefore in The School, both mother and their children will have so much fun through our mixed tenants concept.”

Telling us more about these edutainment (education + entertainment) classes for kids aged 2 to 14, Wong said the curriculum would comprise classes in:

  • Science
  • Arithmetic
  • Visual arts
  • Performing arts, and
  • Child development training.

Mothers will be able to attend to their personal needs while the kids are well looked after at this unique school.

Wong told us, “Through The School's tenant mix concept, we are allocating 40 per cent of the area for fashion and apparel as well as convenience and essentials stores. The rest will be for food and beverages together with specialty stores. We are confident it will satisfy both mothers' and children's needs.”

Besides offering courses of their own, the developer has made it clear tht they are open to the idea of joining hands with enrichment partners who can come with more and better ideas of ‘promoting creative learning’.

Wong also added, "The School will not be a textbook mall because we want it to be a place where the tenants will be providing more than just textbook offerings."

The mall will have nursing and changing rooms for babies, strollers (which will be available for toddlers upon request), valet service as well as waiting areas for queue managed taxis.

The idea of including an area where dads can babysit their kids while mothers are indulging themselves is also being considered.

The builder, with this unique concept under his belt, is confident of becoming an instant hit with young urban parents. He believes that mothers who want to ensure quality education for their children will especially like the enrichment mall.


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