Facebook’s new "couple page"

Facebook’s new "couple page"

Facebook’s latest update rolled out very quietly on November 8, but it has only just started to face its criticisms from its users.

Facebook’s new Facebook has introduced a revamp of the Friendship page – the "couple page". If you are listed as “In a Relationship” on your Facebook profile with someone, you can sign in and go onto www.facebook.com/us to view your relationship profile in full glory. It is basically a digital archive of your relationship, containing posts you’ve sent to each other, photos you both were tagged in, events you both went to, complete with a profile picture of the both of you.

Not only does the "couple page" dedicate an entire page to your relationship, it also has a feature of searching through the Facebook relationship between your partner and any mutual friends.

It is expected that the "couple page" will soon shift to a timeline format.

Unfortunately, this profile page between you and your partner cannot be deleted unless you break up with your partner on Facebook.

Several users are voicing their dislike over this new feature.

Telegraph Women’s Editor, Emma Barnett, called this new development “creepy” and that Facebook “infantalised my relationship… Only I should get to do that”.

Jennifer Wright, a US blogger, said that the change made her “want to vomit”. She says that she has no desire to have her relationship compiled and recorded by Facebook.

“I guess it’s because I believe you are still individual identities, even when you’re in a relationship,” she says.

However, blogger Justin McLachlan, said in response to Barnett’s article: “There's nothing creepy here, that I can see, just more out of proportion reactions to something new, different and innovative.

"It's no different, really, than typing your name into Google and seeing your face and other personal details from social networks mashed up in sidebar."

What do you think of Facebook’s new "couple page"? Have they gone too far? Or do you like this new idea? Comment below.



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