Fake-awake makeup tips

Fake-awake makeup tips

One of the side-effects of being a mum is lack of sleep. Check out these fake-awake makeup tips so that mothers can look fresh instantly when you have been up all night!

Fake awake makeup tipsIf you wake up looking half asleep, what can you do to eliminate those sleepy looking eyes and dark circles to look presentable the next day? Crying babies or pregnancy aches or plain old stress - - whichever of these reasons has got you sleep deprived.  Here's how to look awake even if you've been up all night.

Lisa has not been able to sleep for more than 4 hours because of her restless baby and she has an important girl's day out, the next morning. What will she do? Skip the meet or try faking the wake-up look!

We all know the great looking skin mantra: drink plenty of water, stay away from sugar, salt and alcohol and get plenty of rest. But we also know that these things aren't always possible. For times when sleep isn't an option, use these expert tips to help you look awake and refreshed in no time.

Tips for looking awake instantly

Refresh your eyes

Always keep ice packs in the freezer since you never know when your next sleepless night will be. If your eyes look swollen and puffy, grab one from the freezer and hold them against your eyes for five minutes. The cold will help to reduce eyelid swelling and can even help to wake you up.

If your eyes look red and irritated, use a lubricating eye drop that removes redness before you apply your eye makeup. This will make your eyes look clearer and brighter instantly.

Hydrate your skin

Facemasks can perk up a dull complexion and give you a glow. Vitamin C masks are a great way to add luminosity and moisture to skin. It sloughs off the dull top layer, clearing out pores and making your skin glow. Keep skin look radiant with a tinted moisturizer that has a nice healthy sheen to it. If you're oily try a mineral powder foundation.

Conceal dark circles

A quick way to hide those dark circles is to apply a concealer that's one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. First, apply a thin layer of eye cream directly under the eyes followed by a light layer of concealer. Use a concealer that is slightly light reflective to add light and luminescence to the area.

Eyeliner and eye shadows

Lower lash line tends to turn pink or red when you are tired. Light coloured eyeliner on the inner, lower rim of your lash line is a classic makeup trick to brighten the eyes. You may go for a pale pink, ivory, or even silver. Stay away from pink and purple eye shadows that can highlight red eyes or muddy colors like dark brown or gray that can make you look dull.

Do up eye lashes

Curling your lashes opens up the eyes and will make you look more awake and alert. If you feel like your eyes are sinking into your sleepy head, Mascara is a super easy way to bring them out. Wear mascara only on top lashes to draw the eyes up and away from puffiness.

Shape up eyebrow

The eyebrow, more than any other single feature will change the whole look of your face. Do your best to keep up with maintenance of your eyebrow shape and skin condition. If they seem too thin, use a pencil to fill in. For light-colored brows, use a brow pencil to darken.

Dress and accessorise well

Choose a dress color that complements your skin tone. Go for lighter and vibrant shades that flatter your skin and hair. Take a minute to assemble a few mix-and-match accessories that go with whatever you wear. The extra touch makes you look put together and raring to go.

Bronzer and luminizer

A bronzer can give your pale skin a color lift. Avoid applying it too heavily though, that it looks obvious. Bronze your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Blend a small amount down into your neck area too.

Pop a little luminizer on your eyelids, at the lash line, just above your iris. It will add a bit of twinkle to your eye. Or use a very sheer wash of a light shimmery color, enough to add light, and not look frosty.

Blush and lipcolor

Follow up with a touch of blush and you'll instantly look more chipper. Cream blushes are a great way to make skin look healthy and glowing. Apply on apples of cheeks and a tiny bit on your temples. And finally, a sheer berry lip color goes a long way to help you look pulled together and polished.

By using the above tips, within minutes you'll have a more awake and alert look. Say 'bye' to dull days and 'yes' to the instantly fresh looking you!

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