Father carries his disabled son to school on his first day

Father carries his disabled son to school on his first day

Tengku Faisal Rizal Tengku Toran carried his eldest son who suffers from muscular dystrophy, to attend his first day of school in the new semester.

The immense love a parent has for a child can make any burden seem light

Certainly, the love Tengku Faisal Rizal Tengku Toran's love for his eldest son, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, has no limits.

The 43 year old driving school instructor captured hearts in SK Teruntum in Kuantan when he carried his son Tengku Zahin Haziq, 11, on his back to attend the boy's first day of school for the new term.

Tengku Zahin has muscle weakness in the legs and has been experiencing increasing difficulties walking. He has been ill ever since he was born.

"Last year, he was already showing signs of weaknesses but could still walk slowly. However, this year I had to fully assist him to get to his desk," said the doting father who returned occasionally to check on his son after settling him at the desk.

He is also relieved that the school has moved his classroom to the ground floor so there would not be stairs to climb. He added that his son also enjoys the support of his class teacher and friends, and they would be the ones who will help him move around when Tengku Faisal leaves for work.

Despite his disabilities, he says his son was in high spirits and was excited to attend school after the holidays.

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