Father slips and accidentally crushes his son

Father slips and accidentally crushes his son

The video shows a father playing with his child inside a supermarket in China; his son was swinging from his arms behind him, but then the father slips and falls on his child.

A sweet moment between a father and his son quickly turned south after the father slips on his child accidentally.

Father slips and crushed his child

The video shows a father playing with his child inside a supermarket in China; his son was swinging from his arms behind him, but then the father slips and falls on his child. A woman that was standing beside them immediately helped the father get back up, and then lifted the injured child and gave the boy back to his father.

According to a report by Guangdong Television, the boy was immediately taken to the hospital, wherein he was pronounced dead.

According to a paediatrician from Guangzhou, "In the video, the man's entire weight was on the upper body of the child, including the boy's head and neck. The child might have suffered a cervical fracture."

The doctor adds that people with no medical training should refrain from moving anyone with a potential cervical injury.

The video has gone viral

The video of the child's death has gone viral in China, and has also been shared numerous times worldwide.

You can watch the heartbreaking video below:

Playtime safety tips

While accidents like these are unpredictable, you should never put yourself in a position wherein you might slip and fall on your child. In this case, just one slip meant the end of the child's life.

That's why, even during playtime, it's important to keep your child's safety a top priority. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind when it comes to playtime.

  1. Always keep an eye on your child - Keep your child close to you or within sight at all times.
  2. Store all of your child's toys in a safe place - Don't leave your child's toys lying around after playtime. Use a large container where you can store all of your child's toys so that you and your kid don't accidentally trip and fall.
  3. Keep your child's play area safe - Any sharp corners or hard edges can potentially injure a child, especially if they like running around. Use protective pads or foam protectors on these sharp edges.
  4. Play games that are appropriate for your child's age - Some kids like it when their parents toss them around, but it can be potentially dangerous, even if you're being careful. Make sure to only play safe games with your child and don't do anything too risky.

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