Dear Husband, Enjoy The Gift of Being a Father To Our Kids

Dear Husband, Enjoy The Gift of Being a Father To Our Kids

What is the greatest gift you gave your father? Was it the card you made him when you were a toddler? The watch you bought him? Or the photo album you made? With Father's Day around the corner, we ask some of the daddies theAsianparent contacted to share the gifts that fatherhood that matters to them.

Something you should be thankful is, the gift of being a father.

The gift of being a father

Find out the gifts that really matter to our father. Happy Father’s Day to all our daddy readers!

The Gift of Being a Father: The Joy of Making My Children Happy

Last year, on Father’ Day, my daughters wanted to go to the mall.  I looked at them and said, “I thought today is Father’s Day and I get to do what I want to do.” My oldest said, “You get to make us happy by going to the mall.”

I thought about that for a minute and determined that there was something to her logic. So off to the mall we went; three little girls having fun shopping.

At 6:45 PM there was an announcement over the mall’s public address system. The mall would be closing in 15 minutes.

The kids gathered around me and asked, “Do you want to go to the Apple store?” I asked why they wanted to go to the Apple store when the mall would be closing in 15 minutes. One of the twins said, “Because it’s Father’s Day and you should be allowed to do something too.”

We all broke out in hysterical laughter. What this a plot? Whatever it was, we had a good day.

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Being a Father: The Gift of Fatherhood

theAsianparent contacted some of the people who have appeared in our stories over the past few months and asked what non-material gifts they get by being a father.

Dr. Joe Bernstein: Simply put, my daughter has given me an entirely new perspective on life. As a parent, I have found that the old adage is true: once you have a child, your life as you knew it is over. Personally, I don’t miss my old life at all.

Being a father has made me more thoughtful and strategic in life. I am in it for the long game and now there is another person deeply impacted by the result. The heightened sense of responsibility that I experienced during pregnancy and childbirth has propelled me to the next level of personal development as a husband, man and human being.

Seuk Kim: My kids give me a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that I’ve never felt before. It’s rather incredible to think about how you, together with your partner, created life and is responsible for their survival and how they grow up.

They also provide a great perspective on other things in life and help you understand your parents much better. Prior to having kids, I don’t think you fully understand all the great things that your parents did for you and all the sacrifices they made. Your kids make you realize just how lucky you are.

The kisses, hugs and “I love you’s” are always great too, especially when you’re having a rough day.

Danny Kofke: My two daughters have given me so many gifts.  There are some days when I become very frustrated at work.  I then see Ava or Ella they remind me of why I work and how fortunate I am to be a teacher at the school they attend.  Having daughters also keeps me focused on the big picture and what an awesome responsibility being a father and husband to their mother is.

Being a great spouse and daddy are the two most important jobs I will ever have.  Having daughters is a lot like investing in the stock market.  There are some days where I wonder if I am doing the right thing (or investing in the correct mutual funds) and others where I feel more confident.  The important thing I try to remember is to keep making those deposits no how small they may seem since all of them will one day add up to become something significant.

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Happy Father’s Day to all of you!


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