Where to find the best maternity wear in KL

Where to find the best maternity wear in KL

Being pregnant is not easy. So the least we could do is to treat ourselves to maternity wear that is both functional and stylish!

The words ‘maternity wear’ tend to strike fear in women’s hearts and for good reason. It instantly conjures up images of baggy, tent-like garments that do nothing to make us look or feel pretty. I’m sure most women envision themselves looking a bit like a potato in the traditional idea of maternity clothes.

Being pregnant is not easy. So the least we could do is to treat ourselves to maternity wear that is both functional and stylish. In fact, with garments that celebrate the bump, you may even find yourself feeling more feminine and goddess-like than ever!

Fortunately, KL is a forward looking city, and while the maternity and nursing wear selection is not huge, there are enough choices that should let you stay true to your style.

Topshop and H&M


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These high-street brands offer a range of chic maternity clothes for the discerning young lady. Topshop in Midvalley offers trendy pieces that work with your pregnant body, instead of covering it all up. While H&M in Lot 10 offers nursing bras and tanks as well as nice basics that feel like your normal clothes.

Summer Glitz

summer glitz

Are you a fan of cutesy Korean fashion? Summer Glitz is available online with offerings that are super trendy and fresh, and best of all, affordable. It will be hard for you to tell the difference between regular dresses and maternity dresses.

Their nursing clothes offer discreet and convenient openings in a bewildering variety of dresses, both casual and sophisticated and you can even find adorable matching baby-mummy outfits.


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Mothercare offers seasonal collections for mothers, babies and toddlers. Their maternity clothes are simple, comfortable yet classic. Their stores offer a huge range of baby products and essentials, and it’s not far fetched at all to pick up most of the things you’ll need in one outlet.

They also have very knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to advise new parents. They have stores in KLCC, One Utama, Bangsar Shopping Center, Pavilion and Midvalley.

Fabulous Mom

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Fabulous Mom has a huge range of affordable clothes, products and accessories for mums, mums-to- be, babies and toddlers. In addition to their large variety of products, every Fabulous Mom outlet has a breastfeeding cafe! They are also available online with a very efficient delivery service.

Applecrumby & Fitch

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Another one for mums with a unique sense of style, these clothes are high quality and quite indistinguishable from what you may normally choose to wear. From maxi skirts to summer dresses to skinny denims and wide leg palazzo pants, you are pretty spoilt for choice. Find it here!

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