7 Hijabi Maternity Wear That You Can Choose, Let's Pick The Best One!

7 Hijabi Maternity Wear That You Can Choose, Let's Pick The Best One!

Check out these 7 hijabi maternity wear and best breastfeeding clothing brands for hijabis. Tons of choice to pick by today! Let's see the list here.

Hijabi Maternity Wear #1 SuriSara

hijabi maternity wear

This hijabi maternity wear brand has a huge array of clothes for the fashionable and functional hijabista. They have nursing tops, dresses and jubbah that have a nursing access.

Their clothes are comfortable, beautiful and functional using materials like chiffon, polyester and lycra. If you’re a plus sized pregnant mom, no worries, they have sizes up to XXL (UK18)

#2 Poplook

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Poplook is an exclusively Malaysian hijabi maternity wear brand with beautiful Muslimah clothing. They have beautiful lace nursing kebayas, button down jubbah, sports tunic, chiffon blouses and jersey dresses that are all nursing friendly. Their clothes are very practical and beautiful with sizes going up to 4XL.

#3 Ar-Raudhah Moms


This shop has lots of luxurious and elegant clothes, from jubah to kurungs, shawls and blouses. They even have nursing office wear for the working mom and They carry sizes from S to XXL.

#4 Milkwithlove


Milkwithlove is a stylish nursing wear expert and they have their own in-house design called the Cardi-Latch. They have dresses, tops, kaftans and traditional Malay wear and they’re all nursing friendly! They have beautifully floral printed designs and soft pastel colours.

#5 Adrini’s


Hijabistas will surely love the designs and choices in one place. All their clothes are 2 layers which you can easily lift the top layer and the inner layer keeps you hidden for breastfeeding purposes and if you're pregnant, it fit just as nice. They have sizes from S-XL.

#6 Dollscarf


They’ve been selling online since 2008 and they have a huge assortment of clothes for the nursing mom and also the pregnant mum. They have dresses, jubahs, kaftans, Malaysian traditional wear and all sorts of pretty designed scarves.

#7 MumDreams

Yuna Pink-600x600

For more colorful and trendy breastfeeding and maternity clothes, do check MumDreams out. They sell everything from nursing wear, nursing underwear, maternity wear, maternity lingerie, bengkung and even set pengurusan uri. It is your one stop solution for all your mother-ing needs.

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