TV Moms You Love! Here Are 5 Of The Best Mom Characters on TV.

TV Moms You Love! Here Are 5 Of The Best Mom Characters on TV.

We've picked out our top five favorite TV Moms from the crazy and hilarious to the truly most loving and wonderful mamacitas of them all.

Haven't we all grown up watching these mom characters on tv thinking, wow would we one day be like them? Any TV moms on your mind?

TV Moms You Love! Here Are 5 Of The Best Mom Characters on TV.

TV Moms: Mom characters on tv - Margaret Phua

Before you do a double take, keep in mind that we titled this article "Favorite TV Moms", not "Best TV Moms". So yup, we aren't contesting the fact that Margaret Phua was one of the most suffocating TV moms of all time.

That being said, the vain, spunky, vegetarian and slightly "atas" mum was also arguably the funniest mum to have graced local TV.

Mom characters on tv - Lynette Scavo from Desperate Housewives

Though she is no where as close as beautiful as the other mums on desperate housewives, Lynette is the one mum who has earned our respect season after season.

While her tactics may not be approved by all (like impersonating a girl online when interacting with one of her teenage sons to find out if he has been using drugs,) Lynette is without a dount one of the strongest, most rational and loving mothers we have ever seen.

Growing up - The original Mrs Tay

Mrs Tay definitely deserves some sort of prize for being the most patient, understanding mom characters on tv and wife on the planet.

With her perfect diction, loving ways, she cared deeply about the well-being of her children, didn't judge her children's bad decisions that didn't really matter, and knew far more than her sweet smile let on.

Simpsons - Marge Simpsons

Trying to maintain some sort of order in the ungrateful Simpson household, Marge Simpson provides a grounding voice in the midst of her hectic family of five's crazy antics. She is one of my favourite mom characters on tv!

Malcolm in the middle - Lois Wilkerson

Mothers parent in different ways, but when you have the crop of five children that luck had bestowed on Lois, the only tactic that works is fear!

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