New Normal: Sterilisation Devices for Households Debut in Malaysia, Claim Your Free Masks from Razer Pay

New Normal: Sterilisation Devices for Households Debut in Malaysia, Claim Your Free Masks from Razer Pay

2020 has been a tough year for the world - we're now living a new normal which includes wearing face masks everyday, queuing up in shopping lines, getting our temperature checked everywhere we go, among other safety precautions. 

But, as the world readjusts, brands are realigning their efforts to make sure families meet the new norms. So, here are two of the latest debuts and initiative that cater to the new norms. 

1. Korea's Dr Clo brings sterilisation devices to Malaysia

The all-in-one sterilisation devices, which are mini sticks, is carcinogen-free and contains non-toxic material, while acting as a potent formula as well as a preventive measure against viruses, bacteria as well as pathogens. Additionally, it is harmless to infants, the sick and the elderly - the product is also commonly used in nursing homes and aged care facilities. 

Dr. Clo’s debut in Malaysia comes at the right time, where there is a greater consciousness of the need to sterilise, disinfect and deodorise air in living spaces within homes, as well as in private vehicles. Dr Clo has is now available on the shelves of selected pharmacies and via e-commerce platforms.

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These multi-purpose patented portable sterilisation sticks are customised for use in various aspects of modern lifestyles. It is the only liquid-based Chlorine Dioxide product in the world certified by the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA) - Chlorine Dioxide is a key agent to sterilise, sanitise and disinfect viruses, as well as pathogens in a matter of seconds.

Dr Clo Sterilisation Device comes in four labels: 

  • Household: Suitable for any area of the home such as closets or beds, as well as office spaces
  • Automobile: Sanitises the car and other forms of transportation 
  • Refrigerator: Keeps bacteria away from food 
  • Bathroom: Deodorises unpleasant odours from sinks and toilets

How to use the Dr Clo Sterilisation Device:

  1. Hold the ends of the Sterilisation Device with your hands and bend it once (you can hear a snap sound) to trigger the chemicals of the capsule inside. The indicator on the side will turn yellow within 12-24 hours once it has been activated. 
  2. Place it in your desired location by hanging or using the suction holder provided. Each of the labelled devices have different content created for its specific location.
  3. The sterilisation effect lasts up to 50 days and the yellow indicator will turn white to show that the Dr Clo device needs to be replaced. 

The product has also been widely tested in both Korea and Japan and is registered as a safe product for use in the general living spaces. Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

2. Free masks via RazerPay app

In collaboration with Berjaya Group, Razer Fintech will be distributing free masks in 7-Eleven stores as part of the #RazerForLife initiative. These free masks are claimable by verified RazerPay app users. Every month, the initiative will provide five free surgical masks to every verified RazerPay user in Malaysia aged 18 and above. Users can claim their free masks from July until November 2020. 

Here is how users can claim their free masks:

  • Download the Razer Pay app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and verify your account 
  • Once verified, you will receive one free mask coupon each month for the next 5 months. These coupons are listed under the “Razer For Life” mini-app 
  • Claim your mask at a 7-Eleven store with your coupon each month in the “Razer For Life” mini-app 

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Additionally, from 1 July to 31 December, consumers who conduct at least one transaction of RM10 or more via RazerPay can redeem in-app redemption coupons, which include free face masks. 

“The COVID-19 situation has made it apparent that both public and private sectors need to come together to address the challenges facing us as a society, and Razer Fintech is proud to step forward and in support of the government initiatives, play our part in any way possible,” said Min-Liang Tan, Co-founder and CEO of Razer Inc.

Check out the app here

Safety precautions to take: 

Although our government has implemented the Recovery Moment Control Order (RMCO) and the economy is in the midst of reopening in stages, families are now free to travel interstate and weekends are now no longer restricted to the confines of your home.

However, what we cannot ignore is the fact that coronavirus still exists and ensuring you and your family adhere to the new norm helps the nation in avoiding any further spread of this outbreak. 


Here are some key pieces of advice, besides wearing a mask, from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to remember when going out:

  • Wash your hands regularly: Wash your hands thoroughly with an alcohol-based hand rub or with soap and water. This will kill viruses that are on your hands.
  •  Social distancing: Maintain at least one metre between yourself and others. When someone coughs, sneezes or speaks they spray small liquid droplets from their nose of mouth which may contain the virus. If you stand too close, you may breathe in those droplets. 
  • Avoid crowds: In crowds, you may be in close contact with people and it will be difficult to maintain your distance. 
  • Avoid touching your face: Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. This is because hands pick up viruses and you can transfers these viruses to your eyes, nose or mouth which allows the bacteria to enter your body. 
  • Stay home if you are sick: If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, please seek medical attention. If you have minor symptoms such as a cough, headache or mild fever, stay home until you recover. If you need to leave the house, wear a mask. 

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