This is What Malaysian Mums Expect From Maternal and Formulated Milk Powder for Children

This is What Malaysian Mums Expect From Maternal and Formulated Milk Powder for Children

These days parents want more transparency when it comes to their buying decisions. Here are their concerns and expectations.

With the advancement of technology, the new generation of parents are becoming increasingly cautious about their purchases and expect clarity, as well as accountability from brands they would like to buy.  

It was found that Malaysian parents echoed the same sentiments following a survey conducted by theAsianparent and Friso Gold. In a bid to identify the motivating factors for their purchases, mums revealed their concerns and expectations on sourcing the best formulated milk powder for children, as well as the right pregnancy milk formula. 

Here is what they had to say.

Packaging information

friso milk packaging

The desire for increased transparency was driven by worrying issues, including previous product recalls and safety breaches, that shed light on health concerns in relation to food products.

Mothers now feel that packaging information is insufficient and are looking for declarations on quality check processes as a form of reassurance that the product is truly safe for them, as well as their child.

These include transparency on how quality checks are conducted during food production, as well as during food sourcing and the types of quality control implementations.

 Mums want more information

friso milk quality

Mums share various concerns when it comes to finalising their buying decisions – they now want to track the information to have proper insight on types of quality control, product authenticity and quality check process before they make up their minds. 

There are two factors that they take into account when it comes to quality checks – the food source and how it is processed during production. Every country has its own complex regulations when it comes to quality management as the risks of improper checks can have severe implications on mums and children. 

Why they want to trace information

friso milk info

Majority of the participants emphasised that transparency and the ability to trace such crucial information are factors that provide them with the confidence they need in a brand – 91 percent of mums stated they want their qualms comforted by knowing the product has undergone the relevant checks and is safe for consumption.

Following that, they want to be able to track information to ensure the product on hand is genuine with quality assurance.

How they trust a product

friso milk powder

Today, brand transparency matters more than ever - customers want to know everything about the products they buy and about the companies who produce the items too. This is especially crucial for mothers in particular when it comes to choosing a brand to supplement their womb and children.

For mums, trust is won through good quality products of brands that are able to be forthcoming about their processes. Brands that can show their formulation is made from reliable food sources and have adhered to proper quality controls offer mothers the assurance they yearn for. 

With that being said, choose your brand wisely. The next time you consider a brand, opt for one that allows you to trace the product journey from farm-to-trolley, so that you can walk away from the store with a peace of mind.

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