Genius Way To Teach Your Kids To Tie Their Shoe Laces

Genius Way To Teach Your Kids To Tie Their Shoe Laces

Watch this mum's step by step guide on a new way to tie shoe laces

Kirsten Johnson, the mum behind Unstoppable Mother, went live on Facebook to share with her followers the way she taught her son to tie his laces.

How To Tie Shoelaces The Old Way

If you have been trying to teach your own preschooler how to tie their shoes laces, you’d understand the struggle. And the struggle is very real. Looking at the step by step diagram below, on learning how to tie our shoe laces the old way, bunny ear loops and all, it’s no wonder kids get confused.

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Tying The Laces, Kirsten Johnson’s Way

Watch Kirsten Johnson’s video below and you will see how easy the steps really are. It’s completely genius! No wonder her live facebook video gained more than 7 million views world wide. The amount of comments that poured in in response was astounding – success story, after success story.

Parents of special needs children gave praises. Even a kid with neurological disabilities and a weak hand managed to learn this after 2 tries.

Suffice to say, this video took the internet by storm and helped many children who were frustrated with their laces, as well as children with developmental delays and fine motor skills issues.

Give this a go and let me know what you think!

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