Childbirth aftermath – Get back in shape

Childbirth aftermath – Get back in shape

Congratulations! You are now a proud mummy to your newborn. Now it is time to take care of the after effects of childbirth.

Malay woman undergoing pantangDuring pregnancy and birth, your body went through some tremendous changes. Now that your baby is here, your body will still experience several more changes. Some of these changes are painless while some others are downright uncomfortable.

Here are some of the changes you can expect:

You will still look pregnant

After you give birth, your stomach muscles are still stretched out, and your uterus is the size it was when you were 20 weeks pregnant. The truth is that it will take weeks or months till you return back to your pre-baby figure.

Engorged breasts

After the arrival of your little one, your breasts will begin to swell as they fill up with milk. This can be quite painful.

Postnatal bleeding

After childbirth, mothers may experience a discharge of blood that is called lochia. This occurs when the lining of the uterus is shed. The bleeding should stop altogether by the time you go for your six-week postpartum check-up.

Perineum pain

This is pain between the vagina and rectum. This is caused by the stretching, tearing or cutting of the area for the delivery of your baby.


Afterpains occur during the contractions of your uterus. This may happen for several days after the birth of your baby. This is an indication that your uterus is shrinking to its pre-pregnancy size.

Mood swings

After pregnancy it is normal to feel moody. Mood swings may be due to hormonal changes, discomfort from the ordeal of labour and birth, sleep deprivation, as well as the emotional adjustment to motherhood.

Postpartum stress and depression

However, if your moodiness does not go away after a few weeks and if you’re feeling worse rather than better, be sure to seek a medical professional for help. You may be suffering from postpartum depression, which is a more serious problem that requires treatment.

The good news is that these body changes are all temporary! You will soon be able to return to your normal physical state with the help of a confinement lady.

Recover in the comfort of your own home

Zuzana postnatal & beauty centre helps new mums to recover from the ordeal of pregnancy, labour and birth in the comfort of their own home during the 44 day Malay pantang.

Zuzana’s postnatal services aim to help mums stay attractive and alluring by helping mothers regain their pre-baby figure, health and energy through the various postnatal services she provides for her customers.

Malay woman getting massagedAdjust to mummyhood

A confinement lady will help and care for new mothers, and help them adjust to their new role of being a mum.

The confinement lady will come to your house and offer you a number of services that is aimed at caring and helping new mums recover from childbirth as well as regain her physical and emotional strength.

Using traditional Malay methods, the confinement lady spend up to four hours every day with new mums during the 44 day pantang. During the period, she will:

-          Prepare meals for the mother

A special menu is provided for the mother. You can expect to eat soup and grilled or steamed fish and chicken during the confinement period.

-          Massage the mother

The new mother will receive traditional Malay massages to help to expel blood clots and lochia, as well as tone and shape the body to help mums get their pre-baby body back. The massage also helps relief mothers of postpartum depression and helps to stimulate milk production.

-          Provide abdominal wrapping (bengkung)

Bengkung is a traditional abdominal wrap that is said to help flatten the stomach, tones abdominal muscles and tissue, shrink the uterus, and supports the mother’s posture.

-          Provide hot stones massages (tungku)

Tungku is a hot stone massage that is used to knead the pressure points along the mother’s body. Tungku helps to improve the mother’s blood circulation and it helps the mother to relax so that she will sleep better at night. It also helps to curb postpartum stress and postpartum depression.

-          Look after the baby

Not only for mums

Zuzana postnatal & beauty centre not only offers postnatal service for mothers, but she also offers a variety of massages for all women.

Zuzana postnatal & beauty centre offers the following massages for customers:

-          Pre and post natal massage

-          Miscarriage massage

-          Prolapse womb massage

-          Difficulty to conceive

-          Massage for low supply of breast milk (with Jamu as well)

-          Menopause massage

-          Normal massages

Pamper yourself

If you just want to feel relaxed and be pampered, you may want to consider Zuzana’s facials and luxuriant body scrubs after your massage.

For women who have problems with their complexion, you can try taking Jamu which is a natural supplement to help with the regulation of hormones and helps cure jaundice.

zuzana postnatal care and beauty house

You can contact Zuzana for more information on her services and packages available:

Zuzana Postnatal Care & Beauty House

The Trillium

No. 63-1, Jalan Tasik Utama 6

Lake Fields

Sungai Besi

57000 Kuala Lumpur

Contact: 017-238 0009 or 03-9054 9998

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