Get Fit Without The Gym

Get Fit Without The Gym

Keeping fit is important for good health but going to the gym can get tedious. Don't worry though, there are alternative ways to get fit without the gym!

Keeping fit is important for good health but going to the gym can get tedious! In fact, we're sure you know many people who signed up with good intentions, only to drop out a month or two later. Maybe you're guilty of doing that too!

Don't worry though, there are many alternative ways to get fit without the gym, among them being:



Soar high in the air and practice your stunts, doesn't that sound like fun? At Jumpstreet, Malaysia’s first indoor trampoline park, you can develop muscular and cardiovascular strength as you defy gravity through the numerous jump areas. There are many classes available, including dodgeball and jump aerobics and instructors are always on standby to jump to your assistance!



Jab, thrust and parry; fencing is a traditional form of combat art for all ages. At Blade Fencing Club KL, you’ll be able to let off some steam and keep fit because fencing is not just a great cardio workout but also improves flexibility, reflexes, agility and aim accuracy. Blade Fencing Club offers training programs for both beginner and intermediate levels and provides four strip training facilities for all members.



At Dreams Dance Studio, you may be able to realise your dream to fly! Only for a short while, suspended on a hammock of course, but still flyoga can help you do things you've never thought possible.

Flyoga strengthens every part of your body from neck to toes, helps you understand your body while working on your flexibility. Its founder, Reiko Soo claims that four months is all you need to do the splits, in the air and on the ground!



You may have seen this thrilling sport in the the movies and thought it was just a stunt but parkour is a real thing, and you can learn to do it from professional free-running team, Alpha Movements! The point of parkour is to move from point A to point B as fast as possible using only use your body and the existing environment.

You'll definitely increase your fitness level as well as physical and mental strength because parkour requires dedication and creativity as you move through your surroundings with vaults, rolls, jumps and more.

Swim like a mermaid


Always wanted to be a mermaid (or merman)? With DolphinLee Aquatics, you can in just a few lessons! An established swimming school in Klang Valley, they started the mermaid program as  a conservation project for aquatic life.

It's modified now to cater to those who wish to live out their fantasies of being a mermaid and still benefit health-wise like improving hip movement, stamina and breathing, as well as building core muscles.

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