Great holiday educational camps for your kids

Great holiday educational camps for your kids

It is that time of the year again where by now most of us will be tapping into our thinking box (and checking our wallet) on what is the best activity to offer our children. Well fret no more as we have the latest holiday camps that caters to the little drama queen, masterchefs and mini entrepreneurs!

Great holiday educational camps for your kids

Check out our list of great holiday educational camps for your kids in Malaysia

The best thing about educational camps is that our children will meet new friends outside of their usual environment. This will teach them independence, tolerance and most importantly they become a team player.

Check out our list of great courses and holiday camps that are worth the investment:

1)      Summer Holiday Cooking Camp

Established in 2003, this franchise has found its way to the heart of Malaysians. Located in Desa Hartamas, this is a centre that has been specifically design to cater to our children’s need. They offer basic training in cooking, safety, and etiquette plus math and science too. So if you and your child love to have more bonding sessions in the kitchen, this might be a good place to consider. They offer weekly and private classes plus you can also have drop in sessions.


2)      Cashville Kids School Holiday Camp

Having the right financial habits is crucial so if you are interested to invest in your children future money habits, check out this course organized by MoneyTree Malaysia.  Designed for children to have a greater financial awareness through hands on activities that are fun and engaging, the participants will be taught the basic concepts and function of money plus financial saving, budgeting and growing. A worthy investment indeed!


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3)      School’s Out! Let’s Dance

If letting loose and getting your groove on is something you would like for your children too, why not head down to Sunway Damansara  and check out this workshop that is run by Enfinity Academy (ENACT). There are two calluses offered for different age group, age 7 – 11 years old and 12 – 20 years old. The main objective of this workshop is to introduce the basic dance genre in musical theater dance like hip hop, ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary. For the Gleeks at heart, this might be just the thing!



Educational camps are really good to boost your child’s self confidence as most of them are aimed at personal development. Be supportive every time they share their experiences and receptive about them having more interest in pursuing their dreams.

You can also help them start a dream board after the camp so they can see their achievements and set bigger goals next school break!

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