Teaching kids to manage their money

Teaching kids to manage their money

In a three-day Holiday Enrichment workshop, your child can learn the importance of money management -- the fun way of course!

In a three-day Holiday Enrichment workshop, your child can learn the importance of managing money-- the fun way of course!Managing Money:

Managing Money The Right Way for Kids

Epecially designed for children aged 7 to 12 years old, Kuntum together with Marigold will be organising a three-day Holiday Enrichment workshop from Nov 19 to 21, 2012.

The workshop aims to promote money management skills among young children is based on the precept that kids are smart enough to learn how to handle money and that they can be taught to do so in a manner that they will enjoy.

Hemant Doshi, the Business Director of Eduwealth -- the pioneers of such a unique concept says, “The children will learn the importance of financial planning, including the importance of budgeting and saving even at a young age. They will learn that it is never too early to plan for long term savings like their university education.

Managing Money:Learning Through Fun

Learning through fun and simulation using the Praxis® Junior Board game, the students will learn how to be prudent and manage their finances wisely when they start working. With the knowledge acquired, these future working adults will have a better financial plan.”

“I’m a Junior Millionaire”, a money management game, is a new way of teaching kids to handle their money smartly and to learn to cope up with the ups and downs in the course of their monetary transactions.

The program aims at promoting the following skills among children:

  • Learn the importance of short term and long term savings,
  • Learning to avoid debts,
  • Learning budgeting skills, and
  • The basics of investing soundly.

The highlight of the workshop will be memory improving sessions conducted by S.Jayaraman, Think Buzan instructor, on the second day.

“Remembering what they have learnt in class seems to be a problem for many children," said S.Jayaraman.

"However, every child is a potential genius and their ability can be unleashed with the right method and skills. Through individual and group activities, the participants will learn that there are fun ways to memorize and there is not only one way to study," he said.

Since S.Jayaraman has been helping kids sharpen their memorizing abilities over the years, he will put all his knowledge and experience to use in making the course a useful one for tiny tots.

Dr Sia A.H., who has more than ten years of experience in motivational training, will teach the kids to "learn, understand and inculcate effective habits" on the concluding day in a workshop called, “Effective Habits for Success”.

Dr Sia plans to inculcate these habits in young ones with the help of fairy tales and plays. He is confident that doing so will enable the kids to practice financial planning in their lives at an early stage.

“The participants will also learn how to store and use positive resources when they face challenges along the way,” Dr Sia said.

Adding that these habits can be best learnt at home, at school and within the community; Dr Sia is confident of being able to make a meaningful difference to all those who attend his workshop.


Source: Teaching kids to manage their money - the fun way

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