Help! My baby’s on milk strike

Help! My baby’s on milk strike

Your baby is crying relentlessly and refuses the milk you feed him. He is going hungry, so what do you do? Some mothers give their suggestions and end up solving the mystery. Read to find out more.

Mummies, HELP ME! My 3-month-old boy cries for milk, and then when I give him he will struggle and scream then suck for a while then struggle and scream again continuously. He doesn't always finish up his milk anymore. He's hungry, but why is he acting like this? Is he on nursing strike?

It has been 2 weeks + already. The milk temperature is just nice. I need advice.

When baby is on nursing strike!

Serene Chew: Hmmm...Try burping him before and during a feed. Maybe there's gas in his tummy. Or maybe he scream n cry swallowed gas. And did u recently change his milk bottle/teat?

Jasline Khor: You can try gripe water... may help

Agatha Ayden: Serene- No leh, I didn't change anything. He not only struggles, he keeps turning his head left and right. Then when I force the milk in his mouth, he will drink. Then after drinking halfway he will again go on a nursing strike. It's a headache. Jasline, I used to feed him gripe water because he didn't like to drink plain water.

Jasmine Lee: Maybe he has Colic, feeling very unwell in he tummy, like my gal also like this too. Maybe u can apply some yu yee oil.

Alice Tan: My almost 3mth old son also behaves this way, he used to finish till the end. Now every time halfway or almost finishing, he will start refuse to drink...

Agatha Ayden: What's colic?? I always apply ruyi oil morning and night after his bath.

Ang YiMin: Check the bottle teats. Maybe too small.

Agatha Ayden: Nope it's big. When I put the milk on his lips he like to test machine first, then struggle & kick to throw himself backwards.  Must force then he will drink. Why why why?? Going crazy...

Boo Soo Fern: Colic usually starts in the evening and has a repeated pattern. I advise to record bb daily schedule n show pd for advise. Oh ya, check bb tongue. If hv thick white layer than may be time to clean. Baby cant taste the milk and may cause infection I think. Check it out.

Agatha Ayden: I always use a wet handkerchief and rub his tongue every morning. Don't think it is this. He does his stunts the whole day. Sighs.

Serene Chew: So sorry I've never encountered anything like this. Maybe you can try to feed him in another position see if it helps? Maybe that's how he will stop his nursing strike!

Joanne Lam: I bought my baby went check up n the doc told me after three months, baby will start to refuse milk and the milk intake might go down.

Ang Yimin: Try to google "baby on milk strike," or "nursing strike." There may be some answer for you.

Jasmine Lee: I think doc say is true, I read from book also say about it but not all babies are the same.

Agatha Ayden: Hey mummies, thanks for all your concern. I've solved the mystery by changing a new teat for him!

Jasmine Lee: He cannot wait, Milk flow too slow. Same as my daughter cannot wait too.

Mary Yee: I encounter this before too. But I try to spoon feed her with the milk. She doesn't want to be bottle fed. This lasted me for 2 weeks and back to normal.

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