4 Instant Print Decorating Ideas That Are Fun For The Whole Family

4 Instant Print Decorating Ideas That Are Fun For The Whole Family

Instant print outs are very versatile as home decoration!

The festive season is here and that means jingle bells are in the air! Every parent is out there shopping for gifts for the kids but also for themselves. And not to mention, the Christmas decorations are going up. 

This year, we got a Fujifilm Instax Mini Link printer to review and we got really inspired to use the Instax print outs to decorate the house -- not just for Christmas but also all year long!

Before we get into the ideas, here's a quick review of the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link printer. The printer comes in four very sleek colours, including white, pink, denim and beige gold. We got our hands on a white unit and a couple of Instax film packets, which were the blue marble and macaron packets. 

instax mini link review

To get started, you have to download the Instax Mini Link app on your smartphone and the setup is very quick and easy. Just long press the Instax power button (which is just the middle button on the machine) and pair it on your smartphone. Then load up your printer with a film packet and you're good to go!

From there, you can quickly upload your photos in the app and add in fun text and frames or even create a collage to print! Once you're done with the design, just click print and within a couple of seconds, you'll see your print out come out and the instant film will develop over the next minute or so.

I love the fact that you can now use your smartphone photos to print out using instant film rather than only getting photos directly from the Instax camera. This means MORE SELFIE print outs with better angles! But also that we can customised the instant film with fun frames too. 

It makes for good gifts to others but also for home decoration! Here are some instant print decorating ideas for the home.

Here are our 4 instant print decorating ideas for parents

instax mini link review

1. Pasting it in frames

To elevate the instant film as a decorative piece in the home, you can frame it up in quirky frames all around the house. In fact, there are frames that are specifically designed for Instax print outs that you can purchase from Lazada or Shopee! 

2. Pasting it directly on the walls as a collage

If you prefer not to use frames, then Instax print outs are ready to be displayed as is by just pasting it directly onto the walls in a collage manner. You can choose the more colourful Instax film packets to make it stand out!

3. Putting it up on the fridge

Nothing spells out love more than family photos on the fridge. Get some cute magnets from your family holidays to hold these instant print outs in place and look at it every time you open the fridge. It will surely put a smile on your face!

instax mini link review

4. Using it as Christmas decor by stringing it up

Undoubtedly, you can up your Christmas tree decor game by customising your "ornaments" by stringing up your instant print outs. You can either punch a hole in the photo and hang it up with some twine, or get tiny clips to clip them to the fairy lights on the tree to complete your Christmas decor for the year!

So which is your favourite home decoration idea for these instant print outs? 

To get your Fujifilm Instax Mini Link, you can visit their Shopee or Lazada store. 

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