Smoking affects your kids

Smoking affects your kids

Researches at Dartmouth College have found that children with smoker parents were 4 times more likely to purchase cigarettes, when compared to children with non-smoker parents.

Smoking affects your kidsThe findings, acquired through a role play scenario involving a miniature grocery store, suggest that children are highly attentive to their parents’ smoking habits, and are more likely to regard smoking as appropriate and normal behaviour in social settings, thus resulting in a higher likelihood of them picking up the habit later on in life.

The results of the study appear to be congruent with the findings of the Student Health Survey conducted by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), which showed that a significantly higher percentage of youth smokers (59%) had at least one parent who smoked, as compared to the non-smokers (34%).

“Parents who smoke may know that their habit can affect the health and development of their child. However, they may not be aware that it can also influence their child’s future behaviour. We hope to encourage parents who smoke to quit the habit early in a bid to reduce the possibility of their children picking it up in future.’ said V Prema, Deputy Director, Youth Health Programme Development 2, Youth Health Division, HPB.

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