Lactating mothers should keep hydrated and take supplements

Lactating mothers should keep hydrated and take supplements

One reader advices lactating mothers to drink a lot of water and take supplement with formula. Read more to find out what this mother has to say about her own breastfeeding experience.

Lactating mothers should keep hydrated and take supplementsDayang Indrawana is a single mother of an 11-month-old baby girl and is originally from Sarawak. She is in a long-term relationship with the father of her daughter but cannot marry due to the difference of religion as she is Muslim and he is Nigerian father and a Christian.

Dayang is currently the Head of the Petaling Jaya branch of an Oil and Gas supplying company, and she shares with us her breastfeeding experience below:

1.              How long did you breastfeed for?

4 months.

 2.              Why did you stop when you did?

My milk supply was gradually depleting.

 3.              What kind of diet did you follow when you’re breastfeeding?

Drink a lot of water and supplement with formula for lactating mothers.

 4.              What supplements did you take to increase milk supply?

A herbal tea I bought from shop selling baby products.

 5.              How did you deal with breast engorgement?

I squeezed or pumped my breast. I did not experience a painful engorgement as my milk is constantly out.

 6.              Who did you turn to for breastfeeding advice?

Hospital staff and reading articles posted online about breastfeeding.

7.              How do you feel about public breastfeeding?

Never done it myself, but doesn't oppose to it. I breastfeed in the car mostly.

 8.              When did you wean your child?

4th month.


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