LEGOLAND Reopens Today With New Health & Safety Protocols: Should You Bring Your Kids There?

LEGOLAND Reopens Today With New Health & Safety Protocols: Should You Bring Your Kids There?

We all want a getaway but how risky is it for kids?

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, which hosts a theme park, Water Park Hotel and SEA LIFE has officially reopened its doors to families on 25th June following relaxed restrictions within the country. 

However, as the new normal takes over our daily lives, you may think twice about the opportunity to visit a large-scale resort, considering the realm we now live in. While it may be tempting to take a drive after being cooped up for more than three months, would you risk bringing your children there?  

LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia

Here are the precautions LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort promises:

The resort has implemented various safety protocols to ensure the safety and health of their visitors. 

“Guests can expect to see new protocols and operational changes at the resort. Our hope is for the guests to feel reassured of safety and hygiene throughout their vacation, but nothing short of a fun, entertaining and adventurous experience with their loved ones,” said Mr C.S. Lim, Divisional Director at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.

With the new normal and under government protocols, LEGOLAND has installed new facilities, processes, as well as increased manpower to adhere to safety protocols as well as procedures.

This includes:

  • Social distancing and crowd control
  • Limitation of capacity to 30% of normal operations
  • Temperature screening and guest registration
  • Hygiene and disinfection protocols
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes

“During the temporary closure, our team has been working tirelessly to refresh our properties and train our employees in addition to implementing the health and safety protocols. We have also been sharing and applying many learnings and best practices among our sister attractions in a collaborative effort to align with the highest level of compliance. We are ready to play and make LEGOLAND a safe and memorable place for families again," C.S further added. 

But, how safe is it for children?

Recently, Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said although the restrictions have been relaxed for citizens, including children, parents are advised and encouraged to keep children safe at home as they a considered a high-risk group. 

Although the link between coronavirus and children has been contradictory, studies have suggested several possibilities.  Here is a rundown of some findings that has come to light about Covid-19 and children:

  • Rare inflammatory condition affecting children believed to be linked to Covid-19 coronavirus: The link first came to light after various cases of a new and rare inflammatory condition appeared in children within the United Kingdom (UK). Upon further analysis by clinicians and researchers in the UK, they have suggested that the new syndrome is a separate condition now known as paediatric inflammatory multi-system syndrome, which is temporally linked to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (PIMS-TS). However, there is no strong evidence that show that PIMS-TS is linked to coronavirus. From the study, it was found that 78 per cent of the children had a positive result for the virus, while some showed antibodies against it which outlined that they were previously infected. This was also believed to have links to Kawasaki Syndrome after comparing the symptoms to 1,117 children with the diesease - PIMS-TS also responded to anti-inflammatory immunoglobulin and steroid treat which is also used to treat Kawasaki disease. However, as of May, it was reported that no Kawasaki cases were detected among children infected by Covid-19.   
  • Children identified as high-risk group in Malaysia: Although Covid-19 cases in children within Malaysia have remained low, children are categorised within the high-risk group. In response to queries on the why children were categorised as such, Health Ministry Director-General Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah clarified on June 9 that child cases were about 6.5 per cent, but there is definitely no morality for those under the age of 12. He also stated that children's immunities differ from our own and at times, they not have immunity. 
  • School children don't spread coronavirus: A french study uncovered that children show fewer signs of the virus compared to adults and appear to be less contagious. The study was conducted in Crepy-en-Valois which had an outbreak in February and March - this included 510 students from primary schools. From there, they discovered that 61 per cent of parents from the infected kids has coronavirus, while only 7 per cent of parents  with healthy children caught the virus. This suggested that children who were infected were likely to have caught it from their parents and not the other way around. 

So, is it safe? With the pandemic, nothing is seemingly "safe". Furthermore,  the link between children and the virus is still under going study. But, if you are the slightest bit sick, it is advisable to stay at home. 

If you are keen on going LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort has some special offers:


Following the reopening LEGOLAND is offering various promotions with an extended validity period.

  • 3-month extension for all Annual Pass: Valid for passes that have expired or are expiring between February – December 2020
  • Limited Time Annual Pass Renewal: Annual Pass renewed from now onwards will be valid until December 2021
  • Limited Time Free Hotel Stay: Book 1 night and get the 2nd night for free
  • Limited Time Free Theme Park Access: Buy 1 Day ticket and get the 2nd ticket for free

But, please take these safety precautions

washing hand


If you are going out and about, here are some safety guidelines to remember:

  • Social distancing: Stay apart from others at least one metres (three feet) away from others. Educate your kids on social distancing and why need to do this, especially in a theme park. Being too close may leave you vulnerable to breathing in droplets of those who may cough or sneeze near you. 
  • Don't touch your eyes, nose and mouth: Your hand can pick up viruses, and is able to transfer to your eyes, nose and mouth from which are entrances for the virus. 
  • Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing: If you are sick, stay home. But when coughing or sneezing, make sure to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or a bent elbow. 
  • Wash your hands regularly: In a theme park, you will be touching various surfaces. So, bring a hand sanitiser or wash your hand throughly throughout your visit. 

With that, stay safe families! 

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