LOOK: This woman's copycat photos of celebrity mums’ Instagrams will make you LOL

LOOK: This woman's copycat photos of celebrity mums’ Instagrams will make you LOL

The 34-year-old mom's recreations of celebrity photos are simply hilarious

Australian comedian Celeste Barber’s Instagram account is a gift to us all. She has been using social media to poke fun at celebrity culture (and herself) with recreations of their photos, and the results are hilarious.

Same same.

Celeste is a 34-year-old mum to two young sons and two teenage stepdaughters, so she knows pretty well that what you see on celebrities’ social media accounts is far from reality, and often unattainable.

Nailed it.

Whether she’s aware of it or not, Celeste’s photos show us that it’s okay if our lives aren’t necessarily Instagram-worthy, and the internet has taken notice of her message. As of this writing, she has garnered 1.1 followers on Instagram, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Bendy, naked celebrities are her favorite to imitate

“I call bullsh*t to rich, famous, privileged people portraying their life as accessible to everyone,” she said in an interview with Runway Riot. “I get messages from teenage girls and mothers of young girls saying I’ve made them feel better about themselves. It’s super nice.”

You do you, Celeste. You do you.


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