Best Celebrity Moms, Malaysia’s Top 5 Celebrity Working Mums With Amazing Profile, & Can Do Anything!

Best Celebrity Moms, Malaysia’s Top 5 Celebrity Working Mums With Amazing Profile, & Can Do Anything!

Motherhood is not for the faint hearted. More when you are a working mum. Here are Malaysia’s top 5 amazing best celebrity moms who do more, effortlessly.

Finding a balance between work and spending quality time with family is truly commendable. Here are Malaysia’s Top 5 best celebrity moms, with amazing high profile women who do this and more, so effortlessly.

Best Celebrity Moms: Malaysia’s Top 5 Celebrity Working Mums

#1 Marion Caunter

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Malaysian celebrity VJ, MC and a devoted mother of 3 Marion Caunter (@marioncaunter) is a fashion icon. A regular face at high-fashion events, she is also a proud owner of a hair salon called Hairplay along with various clothing lines and enterprises under Marna Ro Capital.

Marion Caunter was recently interviewed for the Inspiring Orchid Women Empowerment Conference in May this year and she shared about how her mom is her inspiration.

Even with her busy schedule, a perfect Friday night for her is “putting all 3 kids to sleep by 8pm, hang out for a nice dinner and indulge with my husband, then off to sleep.”

How she is able to balance her job together with family is truly inspiring. When asked what does she hate when people say … , she promply answered, “I don't have time. Because you can always make time.”

#2 Elizabeth Lee

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Elizabeth Lee-Yong (@elizabethshenlyn) amazing businesswoman who welcomed her daughter in July 2015 is the co-owner of Sereni & Shentel, Bowerhaus and their Flagship Store The Playground Borneo while collaborating with Cipela on a shoes line.

Both Elizabeth and her sister Shen-Tel were featured by Prestige in May 2016 where they asked 6 fun facts about themselves. Both gushed about how difficult motherhood can be as businesswomen, and marvels at how their mums did it. She shares the same thoughts as her sister and that is to always have fun and spend as much time as you can with family.

#3 Daphne Iking

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Popular TV personality, emcee and recently turned mother of 3 Daphne Iking (@daphneiking) is busy with the newest addition to the family, Isidore Daniel Iking Azmi born March this year.

Vlogging right to the last moment before she went into surgery, she is on YouTube, Vimeo and blogs mostly about family, her thoughts and of course the newest baby on board!

She explained how motherhood had changed her and went on to say that most times she is playing TV actress that she forgets she’s a mum.

Currently working from home ensures that she can care for her kids, but she admits that it doesn’t always guarantee quality time together. She thinks it is very important to make time for her kids, just as it is important to make time for work.

#4 Aishah Sinclair

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Aishah Sinclair(@aishahjennifer) has been a familiar face in front of the camera for many years as both a television host and an actress. On top of working as a radio DJ, she still takes on hosting jobs and the occasional advertisement.

It is amazing how she manages to stay a devoted mother, wife to husband Sheikh Abdul Shahnaz, and still finds time for marathons on a regular basis.

Aishah Sinclair is also on the board of trustees for Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam (YAWA), and founded the Free Tree Society.
While she juggles all that and many more, she admits honestly that it is done with great difficulty, “It’s never easy. I’m sure a lot of mothers can relate, but I have a lot of mother’s guilt where I always feel like I’m never doing enough.

I’m always torn between the need to pursue my dreams, as I feel I must be a positive role model for my girls, but at the same time I don’t want it to rob quality time with them. I try to do my best and balance it in the sense that when I know I’m going to be very busy one week, I clear my schedule for the next week to be with them.

Or if today my day is full, tomorrow I make sure I’m at home. I try to ‘pay back’ somehow. I’m also really lucky that my husband is fully supportive of my career and always gives me enough space to do what I need to do.” (ExpatGo)

#5 Julie Woon


Julie Woon(@juliewoon) and her constant presence at big functions and events solidifies her as a multi-talented host here in Malaysia.

Currently, what takes up most of her time daily are live shows which includes hosting, emceeing, and previously she was also engaged with TV shows, Motorsports programmes and traveling. Julie Woon also runs a side business - a designer dress rental called PLUSHporter.

She is mostly rooted here in Malaysia now, unless it is a job that takes her overseas. She shared with BFM about what she’s doing now is best job for her and it all started right after she graduated when signed up for the drama BloggerBoy on 8TV.

She doesn’t do too much acting now and is focusing more on live events because it means committing long weeks to filming and canceling prebooked events.

Motherhood has changed how she takes on jobs and is making her stop and think about her family. Family comes first for her.


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