Mother's heartbreak over negligent childcare

Mother's heartbreak over negligent childcare

An 8 month old baby was left to cry for 4-5 hours in an air-conditioned and fanned room without clothes on by a part-time caregiver.

An 8 month old baby in Melaka was left to cry for 4-5 hours in an air-conditioned and fanned room without clothes on by an irresponsible part-time caregiver, resulting in hospitalisation.

In a Facebook post, the baby's uncle Acong shares about the nightmare his sister went through when her baby appeared weak, with no appetite and both his eyes displaying signs of seizure.


She brought the baby to Ayer Keroh Pantai Hospital right away where the baby required immediate medical treatment.

Acong states that his nephew had only just started attending the childcare center, since 28 December 2016.

“He’s only been there for three days and we watched the CCTV footages for just Friday,” he shared.

The CCTV footage was shocking as well, with the baby being placed on the floor after being bathed by the caregiver. She then dragged him by the arm to pull him into her arms.

Subsequently, the poor boy was left in an air-conditioned and fanned room for several hours without clothes on, left to cry by himself.

It is understood that the family will be taking legal action against the caregiver for negligence.

It is an unfortunate reality of life that parents do need to work to provide for their children. And not everyone is lucky enough to have family or friends to care for their children in their absence.

The incident above is disturbing, but it is not new with other incidents like a babysitter who was recently charged with the abuse of an 11-month old baby and the case of a daycare that abused a 13-month old.

Daycare centres are required to be registered with the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry.

But these registered daycares frequently charge exorbitant prices (up to RM2,200 in the Klang Valley), leading many parents to resort to unregulated baby sitters.

Indeed every day on Facebook, mummies ask each other for the contacts of private babysitters and part time caregivers.

Whether or not they are truly responsible and worth the cheaper price tag is simply a risk parents have to take.


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