Why you should NEVER overlook your child’s digestion

Why you should NEVER overlook your child’s digestion

Do you want a healthy growth rate for the little one and strong body resistance against the pesky flu plus other bugs? Find out the key, here. Presented by Friso Gold

A bowl of cut-up fruits? Check. A sippy cup of milk? Check. A carrot, spinach and chicken porridge? Check.

Any parent would be proud to prepare such a nutritious spread for their children, and they should be. Nutrition leads to good health. But there is an unsung hero in that equation – digestion.

Without a good digestive system, the nutrients may be for naught. Why? Let’s look at what happens to the yummy lunches that our little ones hungrily chow down.


As soon as the first bite starts, digestion kicks in.

The mouth is the first stop of the digestive tract; the chewing and saliva break the food down into a form that the body can use. The food continues its merry journey down a tube called the esophagus and into the belly, which ‘mixes’ and ‘grinds’ the food down into liquid or paste.

This food then arrives at the small intestine, where nutrients are absorbed into the body. Finally, the leftover waste makes its way through the large intestine and is turned into stool, which our kids then empty out into a potty or diaper.

In other words, nutritious food is not the only star of the show – it needs multiple organs teaming up to convert it into essential nutrients that can be absorbed for holistic development.

Do you want a healthy growth rate for the little one and strong body resistance against the pesky flu plus other bugs? It is mostly down to keeping your child’s digestive system in tip-top condition.

While parents do not have x-ray vision to scan their kid’s digestive tract, there are outward tell-tale signs. Children with well-functioning digestion have good appetite. They display appropriate eating and drinking habits, as well as bowel movements. They hit physical and psychological milestones according to their age. They also show no signs of indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, flatulence, or fussiness.


On the other hand, little ones with poor digestion tend to be easily annoyed and lose interest in playing. They push food away, which can lead to malnutrition. They may cry all day and night due to tummy discomfort; and can potentially have glitches in their learning and social interaction.

Friso Gold preserves nutrients for easy absorption


Friso Gold has developed the LocNutriTM processing technology to preserve nutrients closer to their native forms, so that they can be readily absorbed by the digestive system.

How is LocNutriTM different from other milk processing methods? A lot of types of food are usually processed with high heat. In milk formula processing, this damages or destroys the native structure of nutrients. The wrecked nutrient is not easily absorbed by the body, and may even become a culprit for indigestion and tummy troubles.

LocNutriTM, however, processes the formula with mild heat treatment, which means the nutrients preserved are friendlier for absorption, and will play a key role in the child’s overall development, including building of muscles, skin and bones.

With a healthy digestive system, children will be ready to enjoy their discovery years with mummy and daddy.


To find out more about the newly improved Friso Gold formulated milk powder for children with LocNutriTM technology, go to www.frisogold.com.my.

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