Postnatal jamu massage for mothers

Postnatal jamu massage for mothers

Postnatal care is of utmost importance for new mummies, as her body would have gone through a lot of stress during pregnancy and the delivery of her baby. Getting a relaxing luxuriant jamu massage is a great way for new mums to unwind and recover from the after effects of childbirth!

woman getting relaxing massage with luxury oils and herbsMassages are one of the best ways to refresh mentally and physically post pregnancy and jamu massage is most recommended as it is specially designed for postnatal care. Read on to find out why jamu massages are recommended for new mothers and the benefits they give women.

Massage for Indonesian royals

The traditional jamu massage originated in Indonesia before the 17th century as a form of treatment to the royal family.

Jamu otherwise known as ‘herbs’ in the Malay language were used in the massage therapy along with unique massage techniques.

This massage procedure was passed on, from generation to generation and soon jamu massage emerged as a complete herbal and healing massage process throughout South East Asia.

Jamu massage for new mothers

Due to its amazing rejuvenating effects, jamu massage was adapted to treat postnatal mothers. So jamu massage is a combination of herbal massage and abdominal binding.

Herbs used in jamu massage

Natural ingredients such as ginger, lemongrass, turmeric, Kaffir lime, cumin, nutmeg, and cinnamon are used in jamu massage. These herbs have healing properties that help to get rid of unwanted impurities in the body post delivery.

Techniques used in jamu massage

Long strokes and kneading techniques are the specialty of jamu massage as these methods work towards bringing the postnatal body back to shape.

Abdominal binding

Binding the abdomen after delivery helps to flatten the tummy. In Jamu massage, herbal pastes and cotton fabric are used to bind the abdomen.

Jamu massage process

Jamu massage therapists and specialists provide their services at homes to ensure conformability of the postnatal mother.

The massage begins with applying herbal oils and gently massaging the body with long strokes and kneads. Then the abdominal binding is put in place, usually from the rib cage to the hips.

Jamu massage is much beneficial when it is started within 5-7 days of natural childbirth and after 3-4 weeks of a C-Section delivery.

Benefits of jamu massage

Jamu massage provides countless benefits! Mothers can witness the following benefits by indulging in jamu massage.

- Improvement in blood circulation

- Tightened and toned tummy

- Reduced water retention

- Free from trapped wind in the abdomen

- Quick recovery after childbirth

- Reduced postnatal depression

- Relief from constipation

- Straightened spine

- Relief from body ache and leg cramps

- Speedy shrinkage of uterus

- Get rid of remaining blood clot from the body

- Regain good posture

- Get detoxified

- Regain energy

- Relaxed Mindset

All mothers are advised to set aside a confinement period of at least 30 days after delivery to recover back from the changes caused by pregnancy and childbirth.

It is highly important to take proper rest, eat well and reach out to family and friends to receive support in baby care and breastfeeding. Also, remember to indulge in jamu massage to get back in shape, feel confident and enjoy motherhood!



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