Pregnancy Journey Story

Pregnancy Journey Story

This first-time mum shares with theAsianparent Malaysia her beautiful pregnancy journey. Full with its up and downs, we can't wait to see this new bundle of joy!

My first trimester was the toughest. I had to tender my job resignation letter with 24 hours notice just because my body kept failing me from morning till late at night.

Lots of vomiting, lots of wanting to lay in bed all day not doing anything, losing weight because I couldn’t eat anything without throwing it all up again.

Pregnancy Journey Story

pregnancy journey story


It was really devastating to the point that my husband & I got into big fights occasionally — for the miscommunication, misunderstanding, misconceptions of what pregnancy should be like.

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Losing My Appetite

pregnancy journey story


It was tough. I wasn’t making up when I said I didn’t have the appetite to eat. Never purposely tried to throw up every dinner. My body was truly not having it — at that point of time, food was just mere nutrition to keep me alive, not something to feast.

But Alhamdulillah it’s true when they said things get better over time — at least for me. My appetite did come back in my third trimester.

Truthfully, it was probably the best part of the pregnancy journey story. The pregnancy glow started to kick in. I was skinny before but I gained some KGs over the months and my family finally stopped bugging me with the “eat some more!” 

Pregnancy Journey Story

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I think the excitement to welcome a new life into the family beats all the drawbacks of going through the journey. Pregnancy might not be breezy to everyone. Heck, it’d ever be. But that what makes having the little one here worth it.

I pray for TTC parents to be able to experience this soon. Allah is the Best Planner. 

This post is written in conjunction with pregnancy journey campaign by @theasianparent_my this month. 

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Aleena Shafinaz

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